We’ve discussed the famous online store Vikings Pride Jewelry and decided if it is Viking Pride Jewelry Scam.

Are you a Norse mythology enthusiast? Are you a fan of Viking tales and myths? You might be interested in the Vikings Pride Online Store, which offers a variety of Viking-inspired products in the United States.

But, it is important to know if Viking Pride Jewelry scam is a legitimate site. It is important to verify the authenticity of the website before you even look at its products. This review will help you avoid falling for online scams.

Legitimacy and the Vikings Pride Online Store

This section explains technical aspects of Vikings Pride Shop.

  • Domain Establishment date: On September 20, 2018, the official URL of the Vikings pride store was established.
  • Trustworthiness The Vikings store is medium trustworthy with a 45% trust rating and 6196104 Alexa Rank. Viking pride jewelry reviews will provide more information on Alexa Score.
  • Website Age The online platform is three years, eight months and seven days old.
  • Website Expiry Date: The platform’s expiration date is 20 September 2022.
  • Country origin: According to the address information on the website, the website is located in Kenya.
  • Data Security: Secured by SSL encryption.
  • Proximity for Suspicious Websites – 4/100.
  • Threat Profile N/A
  • Phishing Score N/A
  • Malware ScoreN/A
  • Spam Score N/A
  • Social relations The social media interaction on the Vikings Pride website is very positive. They have three profiles. The most active is Instagram where they have more than 31k followers.

A Quick Check: Is Viking Pride Jewelry a Scam , or Legit

Vikings Pride is an online shop that’s well-known for selling Viking mythology and Viking accessories. You will find a wide selection of accessories and jewelry inspired by Vikings at the online store. They also have a g Celtic collection.

  • Viking Jewelry
  • Viking Rings
  • Bracelets and Arm Rings
  • Beard jewelry
  • Viking Beard Beads
  • Viking Necklaces
  • Thor’s Hammer Necklaces
  • Necklaces for Wolf
  • Wolf Bracelets
  • Celtic Knot Necklaces
  • Irish Necklaces
  • Celtic Necklaces
  • Drinking mugs
  • Drinking Horns
  • Watches
  • Phone cases

Next, we will be looking at site features. This will allow us to determine if Viking Pride Jewelry Scam is real or not. We will now discuss site features. Let’s start with the features.

Features of Vikings Pride

  • Buy products at: https://vikingspride.com/
  • E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Address:Mayweather Drive. House Number 3. Ruaka Road, Nairobi.
  • Details of the owner: No mentions.
  • Privacy Policy:Available.
  • Terms and Conditions: Present.
  • Social media Links:Vikings Pride has a large following among Vikings, and has a moderate engagement rate on Facebook. The profile on Pinterest has 13.2k followers. When determining if Viking Pride Jewelry Scam is legit, it’s important to consider social information.