Viking Treasures Scam Brief is examined the the Viking Treasures scam

This study of Viking Treasures Scam explains all the essential details about the shop. Be sure to check out prior to purchasing at this store.

Are you looking to buy accessories like necklaces, rings and more.? If so, Viking Treasures stores in the United States will offer you the most attractive bargains and deals that will entice you. Before you make any purchase, review this post on Viking Treasures Scam which can protect thousands of consumers from being scammed online.

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Does this site look legitimate?

Do you know the you know if Viking Treasures Are Legit? Buyers might be looking for the authenticity information from all sources online. You are in the right place , where you can find out all the details about this store. The shop sells a wide range of accessories. You might be drawn by their attractive products, but make sure you do not be a victim of their selection and make sure you meet certain safety standards. In this article, we’ll discuss Viking Treasures Reviews as well as all the details needed to keep thousands of purchasers from being entangled in online scams. Hackers are coming up with innovative methods that can hack into bank accounts as well as the personal information of individuals.

  • Domain LifeMarch 4th, 2022 is the domain’s creation date for the Viking Treasures Stores. This shop is one month ninety-nine days old.
  • trust score: Viking Treasures has only a 1 percent score for trust. This is a very low trust rating, so you should be wary when shopping at Viking Treasures.
  • Registration:Viking Treasures is registered by Google LLC.
  • Buyer’s feedback: As per the information gathered within the Viking Treasures scam We could not discover any ratings on their official collection page. Additionally, online review websites haven’t reviewed their products.
  • Social Profiles Social media accounts are nil. There are no profiles for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on.
  • Security of data:The shop uses HTTPS. It assists in encryption of the data from beginning to end and guarantees security.
  • Privacy policy:All the policies like refund, shipping privacy, return, are covered. However, the payment policy is not available.
  • Incorrect Information The retailer has only provided an email address. We could not find any information on the company’s phone number and address.

Brief is examined the the Viking Treasures scam

Viking Treasures is an online selling shop that has a stunning assortment of rings made of gold as well as other accessories. The shop offers an entire collection of stunning and original ornaments. If you are looking for a unique and trendy appearance, then you should check out the shop. They offer a variety of:

You can purchase a wide range of the items mentioned above. While the store has a limited selection of items, you are able to purchase only five items at a time.

Features of Viking Treasures

  • Purchase rings from https://viking-treasures.com/.
  • Email Address: [email protected].
  • The information regarding the phone number and the location of the company is not available.
  • Based on the information we have gathered from Viking Treasures Scam we haven’t found reviews on their site. In addition, none of the online rating sites have yet reviewed their collection.
  • Return Policy: A 15-day return policy is provided.
  • The cancellation policy is that you have one day to cancel for your order.
  • Exchange Policy: In case of size concerns the shop will offer an exchange for free.
  • Shipping policy 5-10 days to ship within the US. 7-12 days outside of the US.
  • Payment options are not displayed within the design.

Positive Highlights

  • Email addresses are given.
  • 24 hours of customer support are available during the week.

Negative Highlights

  • Location and phone number are kept secret.
  • Social media and reviews sites have not been found.
  • The payment policy is not available.

Viking Treasures Reviews

Viking Treasures has provided an email address that is only for use. We could not locate the address or phone specifics on their website layout. Additionally, we couldn’t locate any relevant reviews on their official website. This site also hasn’t been contacted by any review websites. There are no links to social media sites. We have not found any accounts on social media platforms, which makes this a suspicious site.

The rank on Alexa was unacceptably low and unconsidered. This makes it a questionable website. This page offers details about frauds with credit cards. Also, make sure to look up this page prior to making a the decision.

Final Summary

The post is now complete. Viking Treasures scam We conclude that the site is brand new, and has a 1 month, nine days time. The trust level is negative and insignificant. We don’t suggest Viking Treasures shops to our customers. Visit this site for more information concerning Bracelets.

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