Want an Upgrade? Sell Your Old Phone for a New One

Technology is growing continuously – especially when it comes to cell phones. Each month you’ll see new cell phone models with a variety of brand-new features and specifications. In case you are stuck with an old phone, it might be time for you to sell your phone for a new one!

However, the real question is, where to sell your old phone? The problem with smartphones is that their cash value decreases continuously. So, if you have an old phone, you might not even get enough to buy a new one unless you are selling at WSA – The Wireless Solutions and Accessories.

Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about selling an old phone at WSA.

Reasons to Sell an Old Phone

Let’s start with the most basic question: why do you need to sell your old phone? Well, there are several reasons that can lead to this decision. If your old phone is broken, selling it might be more economical than repairing it. There’s a possibility that you might not even find compatible accessories for a certain phone.

The biggest reason to sell your old phone is that you want to stay up to date. New smartphones come with hundreds of new features and specifications that are quite useful. These features are here to make your life easy and convenient. To enjoy these features, you need to sell your old phone or a new one.

In addition, old phones are quite bad for the environment. According to research, old electronic items, including mobile phones, contain a wide range of toxic metals, such as PVC plastic, beryllium, cadmium, mercury, and lead, which can cause hundreds of problems. 

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of reasons to sell your old phone as soon as possible. However, there are some things you must consider before selling your mobile phone, as discussed below!

Things to Remember While Selling an Old Phone

You cannot just go out and sell your old mobile phone to the first person you see. The chances are you’ll have to meet dozens of people before you get a reasonable offer. It’s noteworthy to mention here that you have to expect some loss while selling an old phone.

Mobile phones lose their cash value as soon as you open the box. Therefore, no one will pay you the book value of your smartphone regardless of its condition. There are several factors that will influence the cash value of your smartphones, such as cosmetics, storage capacity, carrier, age, and mode.

Before you select a buyer, there are some things you should consider. Here’s a complete selling guide that will help you sell your old phone quickly and easily:


First of all, keep in mind that different models have different selling values. Even the same model comes with different variations and price tags. For instance, Apple’s iPhone comes in different models, including iPhone, iPhone mini, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max.

Before you go on and sell your phone, you have to find out the actual model of your device. To do so, you can check out the box or the “About” section. The model of your old phone will affect the cash value of your device.


Next, you have to consider the condition of your mobile phone. Fortunately, you can sell your smartphone in any condition. However, this factor will influence the cash value. If your phone is 10/10, you will get the maximum value for it.

Alternatively, if your phone is broken or it has been opened in the past, the cash value will decline. Defects on the body or front glass can reduce the cash value. Therefore, you should always use a screen protector and back cover to protect your device.

Cash Value

Once the buyer is satisfied with the smartphone, he will give you an offer. You can also put your offer firsthand. If your offer is reasonable, the buyer will get the smartphone. Otherwise, you might have to face a counteroffer. 

Keep in mind that you’ll not get the exact amount that you paid while buying your old phone. You’ll have to find a buyer that will pay as much as possible. For this approach, you should select Wireless Solutions & Accessories. They will give you the most amount of cash for your old phone!


Before you hand over your old phone to get a new one, don’t forget to backup and erase all of your data. Smartphones contain your personal and financial information that is quite valuable. Therefore, to avoid any problems in the future, always reset your device before selling it!

Wireless Solutions & Accessories – Sell Your Phone

There are hundreds of companies out there that buy an old phone so that you can get a new one. Therefore, it’s completely reasonable to ask, why select the Wireless Solutions & Accessories? 

Well, the WSA is one of the most popular and trusted eCommerce platforms out there. Buying and selling at WSA are easy, safe, and quick. They are known for offering the most reasonable prices for old phones and providing only the best quality electronic accessories.

Moreover, Wireless Solutions & Accessories is nothing if not convenient. They have stores in different locations, including Norman, Oklahoma, and Midwest. You can also visit their official website to get an estimate!

Final Words 

Selling your old phone to get a new one is always a rational decision. However, the problem begins when you go out to sell your device. Luckily, Wireless Solutions & Accessories has got you covered!

At WSA, you can easily sell your old mobile phones. They are known to offer the most reasonable cash value for old devices that you can use to get your new smartphone. You can use their website to get an estimate and drop-off to get paid. 

While you are at the WSA location, you can also get all sorts of accessories for your mobile phone!