Userpilot is a DAP that eliminates the requirement for product teams to write code to create contextual information for use inside their apps. The goal is to develop effective onboarding and activation procedures that quickly get users to their “aha!” moment, provide them with contextual support, increase the number of users who take advantage of newly added features, and retain users. Product managers may also keep an eye on basic behavior indicators to see how customers engage with their company’s product.

Best Userpilot Alternatives in 2022

Here are the top digital adoption platforms to consider as alternatives to Userpilot.






  • Why Is Whatfix the Best Alternative to Userpilot?

Whatfix provides product teams with a solution for onboarding and adoption that is superior, more flexible, and more scalable.

For teams who do not work on products, Whatfix is the logical answer to DAP use scenarios. Userpilot does not supply any solutions for its internal staff. The user-friendliness, versatility, flexibility, and configurability of Whatfix are what set it apart from other similar products. Whatfix will revolutionize the way end-users consume information, which will increase both your return on investment and the productivity of your team.

Whatfix’s dedication to the satisfaction of its clients is shown in the many honors and accolades it has received in the DAP industry.

  • Whatfix

4.7 out of 5 stars across over 200 reviews for G2

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Whatfix is an alternative digital adoption platform (DAP) to Userpilot.

Whatfix has been designated a Leader in the G2 DAP category for four consecutive years and sixteen consecutive reports.

Whatfix enables in-app experiences for businesses to increase user, customer, and staff adoption. Product managers are allowed to produce in-app content without requiring technical help with Whatfix.

Product tours

Tours with direction

Task lists

Smart tips


Knowledge bases indexed for self-help

Compliance warnings

  • Why is Whatfix the best Userpilot alternative to DAP?

Userpilot exclusively serves product manager use cases, while Whatfix increases the use cases of its platform. This enables Whatfix’s DAP to develop in-app experiences that encourage end-users, customers, and internal workers to embrace the product.

User cases for Whatfix include:

Create product tours, onboarding work lists, walkthroughs, smart tips, and self-help support tools that facilitate product activation, user acceptance, and user retention for product managers. Whatfix Analytics enables product managers to record explicit event monitoring data with a no-code solution, enabling product teams to constantly improve the user experience of their products.

To facilitate the adoption of new technology, improve onboarding and training, and provide an accessible knowledge management plan for internal staff. With Whatfix, enterprises can build a unified experience across all of their digital apps, enabling them to give learning in the workflow and assistance at the time of need. Companies can incorporate a knowledge base into digital workspaces that enable workers to do customized searches, yielding results from a company’s knowledge base, intranet site, and other sources.

For clients:

For customer success teams to create contextual experiences, such as onboarding processes that minimize time-to-value and assist clients in discovering their “aha!” moment more quickly. It also eliminates the need for consumers to contact support employees since they can discover solutions to their issues via self-service technologies.

Whatfix’s robust analytics also enables businesses to get a comprehensive insight into how their users and consumers interact with their product or service, as well as how their workers interact with the software that runs their daily operations.

  • Here are some other arguments for selecting Whatfix as your DAP:

Installation is easy:

While WalkMe installation takes some technical understanding, Whatfix is as easy as installing a browser extension to get started.

Creating content automatically:

Whatfix automatically creates several content forms, including slideshows and videos, when you build walk-throughs.

SCORM conformity:

Whatfix’s SCORM-compliant packages allow you to simply publish interactive course walkthroughs to your learning management system (LMS).

Contextualized guidance:

Depending on the user’s job and location inside the program, Whatfix provides relevant walkthroughs and self-help articles.

The userpilot pricing:

Userpilot’s price structure includes traction, growth, and enterprise tiers.


DAPs also give implicit event monitoring data for teams to comprehend how users interact with an application or product, develop tests to enhance user flows, and more. Userpilot is a well-known digital adoption platform, and whatfix is the greatest platform on the market.