What are some backlit fabric printing options?

When it comes to fabric and textile printing today, there are so many options out there that it can be confusing for the consumer. For this reason, it’s important to highlight specific options in order to learn more about them. Only then can you make the right choice for your specific project.

Backlit fabric and printing is something that has risen in popularity in recent years and its backlit fabric printing options that we’ll be focusing on in this article.

What Are Backlit Printing and Backlit Printing Fabrics?

The idea of backlit printing on materials designed for the purpose is so light can shine through from behind the printed fabric to highlight the image in vivid colour and detail. This makes for a far more eye-catching display, no matter what the purpose.

First, a backlit fabric needs to be decided upon. These can be sourced from backlit fabric suppliers. For the printing, often the dye sublimation printing method is used to reproduce the image design onto the fabric in amazing detail. Depending on the fabric chosen, other compatible printing methods may be latex printing, UV printing, or even solvent printing.

What Are Some Common Uses Of Backlit Fabric Printing?

With powerful yet economic LED lighting placed behind a display or banner, the results are a stand out. While printed fabric without backlighting is okay, it pales in comparison to backlit printed graphics.

In what ways are backlit printed fabrics commonly used?

Storefront window displays with backlit printed fabrics are one way to catch the eye of passers-by and lure them into the store. Businesses also make good use of backlit displays at trade shows and other exhibitions. Banners, displaying artwork and signage are other common uses of backlit displays. You will even find backlit printed fabric displays in shopping malls, airports and practically everywhere else.

Once you have a display created, it can be designed in such a way that the image can be changed out, allowing you to use the one lighting display to highlight different images as the need arises.

Examples Of Backlit Printing Materials and Fabrics

Let’s now look at some examples of fabrics that have been specially designed for backlit printing displays of all kinds.

A popular fabric choice on the market for backlit displays is the Flash Light FR Backlit material. This fabric is made from a fine knit structure and is 100% polyester. The weave allows light to pass through the material with diffusion while the front is coated with a colour-boosting substance to produce vivid colours when printed. It’s perfect for banners, light boxes and projection screens. The fabric is also compatible with the three main printing methods of dye sublimation, UV and latex printing.

The Starlight Backlit Dye Sub fabric is another good option if you plan to create backlit displays and light boxes. As the name suggests, the printing method for best results on this material is dye sublimation. Some key features are its fire retardant properties and the fact that the fabric is PVC-free.

The Art-Tex Poly Backlit material is also another popular choice when the project is a light box, pop-up banner or frame display that is illuminated. Printing compatibility includes solvent and eco-solvent printing, UV printing as well as latex printing. This fabric is also PVC-free and fire retardant.

If you’re looking for a fabric that’s truly eco-friendly and sustainable, then the Green Samba is hard to beat. This material is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, yet delivers the same high-quality as all other backlit fabrics. The material has successfully been printed and used for inflatables, light boxes, bean bags, tablecloths, banner displays and more. Dye sublimation is the printing method of choice for this fabric, although other printing methods can be used successfully.

The Aurora Backlit Plus is a fabric constructed of 100% woven polyester and is also 100% recyclable. It’s the perfect solution for backlit frame systems and SEG light boxes. Colour reproduction is excellent and dye sublimation is the printing process recommended for the fabric.

The Takeaway

If you want to create a sign, banner or display that really stands out, then choose backlit fabrics and printing. Backlit displays of all kinds really bring your advertising or message to life.