What are the advantages of using glass bongs?

The entire act of smoking a pipe is similar to a little ceremony. From the time you prepare the herb to the first few puffs, everything about it soothes you. But they have one major disadvantage: the smoke which enters your lungs is unfiltered. 

Unfiltered smoke contains harmful toxins that can damage your lungs. The best alternative to them is glass bongs, also known as water pipes. 

Filtration is one of the most important advantages of using water pipes over regular ones. Before inhaling the smoke, the water in the bowl filters it, thus reducing the amount of harmful toxins in it significantly. As a result, the smoke that enters your mouth is cool, pure, and relaxing. So, if you are a marijuana enthusiast who hasn’t tried out a water pipe already, you must consider trying it at least once. 

But what are the other benefits of a glass bong, and why should you try it? What are some things you should know before buying one? Continue reading to find out.

Why are pipes made from glass so good?

Glass is the best material for water pipes because they don’t crack even under high temperatures when you light them. If you use one made from plastic, you have a high chance of burning your hands. Besides, there is also the issue that the melting plastic often leads to a poor smoking experience

Most manufacturers use borosilicate glass to make the water pipes because they can withstand high temperatures and don’t crack or incur damage even after repeated use. 

However, before buying your water pipe from an online retailer, you must check the kind of glass that it is made of. It is better to avoid those not made from borosilicate because they break easily.

Some benefits of using water pipes

You should consider using such pipes for their benefits, including those mentioned below:

You get a smooth hit

Smoking your favorite herb through a dry pipe or joints irritates your throat because of the hot, unfiltered smoke. You would find the entire experience utterly off-putting as a beginner.

On the other hand, glass ones cool the smoke before it enters your lungs, delivering a smooth hit. Your lungs are unaffected, and you enjoy the sweet, relaxing flavor of the substance. 

They provide water filtration

Glass pipes contain water, which filtrates harmful substances like tar before entering the mouth. If you’ve ever wondered why the water in the bowl turns dark brown, this is why. 

Swallowing tar smoke also leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth and causes various harmful effects. You can also add an ash-catcher to enhance the water filtration process further and receive a cleaner smoke.

Less preparation time

A water pipe has less preparation time since there’s no paper rolling, adjusting the herb, and then ensuring it contains the right amount. The entire preparation process is also messy and inconvenient when you are short of time.

In contrast, you can pack the herbs in the bowl, ignite it, and enjoy your smoking session. It takes a few minutes and does not leave any mess. 

Different types of bongs

You can buy various bongs from an online head shop, including scientific, colorful, bing, and mini. Each one is unique and different from the other. For example, those made from borosilicate Pyrex glass give the illusion of changing colors as you smoke them. It can be the center of attraction during a fun evening with friends.

You should consider using these if you haven’t done so before. They are sure to offer a better smoking experience, be it the bubbling sound of the water or the smoothest hit reaching your mouth.