What Are the Best GPS Fleet Tracking Systems and Software in 2023?

Fleet managers use GPS Tracking Software to organize all data related to the fleet and its assets, from acquisition to disposal. For this reason, organizations can save budgets, boost productivity, and enforce consistency throughout the fleet operation. Regardless of the size of your fleet, installing GPS Tracking Software will save you time and money. 

Fortunately, fleet management technology has made trucks properly integrated, better regulated, and consequently more related to the fleet’s ultimate aim. The following is a list of the finest GPS vehicle tracking software that can be utilized to monitor your fleet vehicles, corporate assets, and fleet drivers more effectively.

  1. RAM Tracking

RAM Tracking provides enterprises with up to 3,000 vehicles with award-winning commercial vehicle tracking solutions, like Ram Tracking thereby boosting productivity and decreasing operating expenses. RAM Monitoring serves thousands of global clients who frequently save money by utilizing an innovative satellite tracking system. The company offers a comprehensive guide on Vehicle Tracking and outlines everything there is to understand concerning tracking, addresses most of our customers’ inquiries, and describes why businesses utilize vehicle tracking.


Using this company’s innovative GPS car-tracking devices, you can monitor huge fleets and assets. Reroute lost drivers and increase efficiency with detailed reports that indicate where you may make changes, reduce fuel expenses, or reduce the size of your fleet. Our email alert system can proactively notify you of engine idling, speeding, and out-of-hours usage so that you can respond more quickly.

  1. US Fleet Monitoring

This GPS tracking software provider was founded in 2005 and described itself as “the industry’s best manufacturer and supplier of live finest GPS tracking software.” US Fleet Tracking data will alert you to various facts and issues, such as unsafe driving behavior, start and stop, speed, vehicle mileage, excessive idling, cutting-edge vehicle mileage, device data, and geofence activity. Additionally, the organization provides up to 90 days of activity playback, which is useful in legal disputes, task completion verification, and other situations.


There are two US Fleet Tracking GPS tracking software pricing options. The first and most popular version includes 10-second alerts and costs $29.95 a month per hardwire tracker. The other plan includes alerts every five seconds, costing $39.95 per month. In addition, the battery-powered tracker service costs an additional $10 per month per tracker. Each pricing plan is contract-free, and subscribers may cancel at any time.

  1. GeoTab

GeoTab enables fleet companies and owner-operators to handle all driver log reports and vehicle inspection records from a single platform. It also offers straightforward installation, and no specialist is required. And it helps monitor driver Hours of Service to ensure compliance with HOS regulations, thereby decreasing accidents, fatalities, and injuries. 


In addition to handling diagnostic troubleshooting codes and engine issues, this GPS Tracker will also provide automatic odometer readings and notify fuel theft. This comprises end-to-end security through authentication, encryption, message validity verification, customized devices with unique identification, digitally signed firmware, independent third-party expert validation, and non-static security keys. Since the company has existed since 1996, its GPS tracking software is backed by expertise.

  1. Samsara

Samsara offers a comprehensive fleet management platform that exceeds the capabilities of GPS tracking software. This manufacturer of GPS software offers dash cams, wireless refrigeration sensors, and a document app for digitizing the delivery process. The GPS tracking gadget and software enable fleet firms to increase productivity, save fuel and labor expenses, and streamline vehicle maintenance.


This GPS software platform accomplishes this through a collection of features, such as real-time traffic and pathway analyses, to eliminate delays and slowdowns and identify more efficient routes. The Samsara GPS tracking system software includes a variety of fleet management functions, which can be purchased as a bundle or as supplementary services. Additionally, it is ELD compliance.

  1. Fleet Manager by GPSTrackIt

Fleet Manager offers mobile communication services, upkeep alerts and reports, constant coverage, geofence violation alerts, permanently stored data, vehicle diagnostics, driver report tracking, vehicle maintenance notifications, open API and data pump, fleet tracking, driver hour logging, multi-map views, scheduling, and dispatching, etc. This GPS-tracking software platform comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty! You will also have access to all GPSTrackIt features for $23.95 per month without a contract.

  1. Managed by Teletrac

Director Fleet Software is designed for fleets companies of any size, and Teletrac has been delivering cloud-based GPS fleet tracking software since 1988. Features include car position visualization, driver status, geofencing, event replay, quick vehicle and driver information, traffic updates, and high-level tracking of all your vehicles; it provides driving directions for all of your vehicles. It is essential to know that Teletrac Navman Director enterprise pricing information is only provided upon request. Contact the company for more details on the price plan and to receive a quote.

Final Thoughts

With GPS tracking software, you can start small and add more functionalities as your business grows. As the business expands, the software should be capable of tracking a small number of vehicles now and an infinite number of cars in the future. If you are still deciding which GPS Tracking Software to choose, use this list and consult with the company of your choice; their customer service will advise you on factors to consider before purchasing suitable software.