Immigrating to the US and becoming a permanent resident demands a medical exam. The green card medical exam is a standard element of the application process for ensuring public safety and eliminating inadmissibility reasons for intending immigrants. So, if you’re planning to move to the US, it becomes imperative for you to understand this procedure. Let’s discuss what you need to know about immigration medical exams, as mentioned by dr. bamba’s health and medical center

What Is the Purpose and Significance of This Exam?

The goal of an immigration examination is multifaceted. The purpose of these tests is to make sure that new entrants to the country don’t have any transmissible diseases. These exams also help immigration authorities determine whether or not a candidate’s health condition might put an undue burden on national healthcare resources.

What Does the Immigration Exam Include?

The immigration examination is comprehensive and covers several aspects of your health, both mental and physical. A medical checkup, a mental health assessment, and screening for communicable infections are all part of this process. The civil surgeon will also check your vaccination history to make sure you’re up-to-date. To comply with the required norms, check out the updated list of required vaccinations.

When Is This Exam Mandatory?

For those hoping to get a visa or permanent residence in the United States, most candidates must first pass a medical examination. Only tourists and those visiting on a K visa are allowed to marry a US citizen are exempt.

What Is the Validity of an Immigration Medical Exam?

There is a temporal restriction on the usefulness of the medical examination findings. The examination results typically remain valid for two years after the exam date. A second medical examination may be needed if your immigration procedure takes longer than planned.

How to Prepare for the Exam?

You should bring your valid passport, proof of vaccination, and all pertinent medical records for previous medical conditions with you to take the examination. Since visa rejections or even permanent bans may ensue by furnishing incorrect information, it is essential to be transparent and detailed throughout the examination.

What Comes Next After the Test?

Once the medical exam is complete, the civil surgeon will provide you with Form I-693, which is the report of the medical examination and vaccination record. The seal on this application must remain intact at all times until you submit your immigration paperwork to USCIS, along with the aforementioned form.

Immigration exams make sure that people arriving are healthy and will not pose a risk to public health. Understanding the purpose and requirements of the immigration examination is a must to go through this process without any trouble. Remember to follow all instructions provided by the civil surgeon and USCIS to ensure a smooth and successful immigration process.