The early adopters of bitcoin who hung on to the digital currency as it soared in value over the last year are now exceedingly wealthy. According to market capitalization, the world’s largest online currency has recently had an abnormally strong performance. 

As a result, many inexperienced investors who timed it correctly and hung on to their BTC became millionaires. Following the price boom of bitcoin, and as other digital currencies enter the market, investors seek the next digital currency to profit from. So how can one identify a cryptocurrency that has the potential to skyrocket in the future?

Price and Volume

Up-to-date information regarding cryptocurrency trading is freely accessible online. The digital currencies trading at higher prices and in greater volume are expected to gain traction. Although there is no assurance that this pace will continue, it is nevertheless a valuable indicator of which digital currencies now have the highest level of investor interest.

From Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is particularly beneficial for predicting whether a cryptocurrency will increase or decline in value. Because it takes conclusions from future predictions rather than past occurrences represented by price charts. 

There are also instances where AI tools help predict these trends. Examples are Kavout, Finixio AI, etc. These tools help traders estimate a cryptocurrency’s worth based on a wide range of facts; fundamental analysis can help investors make long-term investment decisions.

Traditional Finance

Decisions in traditional finance may boost or depress the price of bitcoin because they impact how easy it is for financial centers like Wall Street to invest in it.

Price increases are frequently correlated with actions that would increase Wall Street investment in bitcoin, such as offering bitcoin to customers. Traders are concerned about negative news, such as a Wall Street giant criticizing bitcoin.

When significant businesses declare they have included bitcoin on their financial sheet, bitcoin frequently increases. Bitcoin increased in value as corporations such as MicroStrategy and Tesla engaged in it. In contrast, the overall market valuation of cryptocurrency plummeted from $2.43 trillion to $2.03 trillion. And this happened when Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company would no longer accept bitcoin as payment in May 2021, citing environmental concerns.

The market price of bitcoin can also be affected by conventional financial instruments, notably derivatives that operate as contracts that follow the BTC price. The bitcoin market volatility can occasionally be affected when many out-of-the-money (OTM) options are set to expire at once.

From Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether are traded on a variety of exchanges. The most well-known tokens are listed on nearly all cryptocurrency exchanges.

Yet, some smaller coins might only be accessible through reputable exchanges, limiting some investors’ access. Some wallet providers may give quotations for trading any combination of coins across several businesses. But they will, however, charge a fee, which will increase the investment cost. 

Additionally, some investors could find the exchange’s circulation excessively high if a cryptocurrency is only infrequently traded on a tiny exchange. A cryptocurrency’s demand may rise if it is listed on several exchanges because more investors will be able to purchase it. And, everything else being equal, when demand increases, so does the price.

Other Factors Would Contribute to the Rising and Falling of Cryptocurrencies?

Internal governance, among other things, is an important aspect. Cryptocurrency networks hardly follow a set of norms. Creators modify projects in response to feedback from the community. Some tokens, known as governance tokens, allow their holders a vote in the project’s destiny, along with how a coin is mined or used. To make any modifications to the management of a token, stakeholders must agree.

For instance, Ethereum is attempting to redesign its network by switching from a proof-of-work system to a proof-of-stake system. Rendering most of the pricey mining equipment in data centers or people’s basements is unusable. This will have an impact on the price of Ether.

In general, investors prefer a stable government. Even if a cryptocurrency has issues, investors like the devil they know to the angel they don’t. As a result, sound governance in areas where things are generally challenging to alter might be beneficial by providing more stable prices.

Source of payment

Cryptocurrencies are now accepted as payment methods. PayPal recently announced that it will start enabling its users and shippers to buy, trade, hold, and accept Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as a form of payment.

This news immediately increased the value of Bitcoin. PayPal today has around 350 million customers who can easily buy, store, and utilize Bitcoin. More than 20 million active sellers may now take cash through PayPal. 

Several additional services let their customers purchase, sell, and hold bitcoins, even though PayPal and Venmo are far more cryptocurrency-aware.

Because they believe that deflation makes cryptocurrencies a better store of value and a good investment. Many individuals desire to convert their cash to cryptocurrencies, even when they do not want to use it for transactions.


A cryptocurrency’s value might fluctuate dramatically. Nonetheless, the volume of transactions has increased while volatility has decreased. It is still being determined if this tendency will continue. The possibility of a substantial price adjustment must be considered. Each trader and investor must balance their needs between the great potential of cryptocurrencies and the hazards to which they are currently subject.