What are welcome bonuses at online casinos?

There are several aspects that potential players pay attention to before choosing the right site to play at. Casino bonuses are certainly one of them, and perhaps the most important. Thinking about your safety, casino bonuses should be placed a little lower in the hierarchy, but it’s hard to resist their appeal, especially the appeal of online casino welcome bonuses.

Online casinos very often offer interesting promotions that are worth taking advantage of when visiting the site for the first time. Before registering, it is worth finding out what the site guarantees. Online casino welcome bonuses can be different in nature, and therefore. Let’s try to understand today what a welcome bonus is, what it includes and how to get it.

What are welcome bonuses?

Welcome bonuses are gifts that platforms give their players for joining them and playing on their site. This is how the resource motivates the user to try their gaming products without spending any money. Often the welcome offers include free money for any game, free spins for some specific games, and in rare cases provide you with a VIP status.

There are other welcome bonus options as well, as well as options for getting them.

How do I get casino bonuses?

You’re probably wondering how you can get promotional welcome promotions, now let’s look at this question in detail.

If you have just become a new user, you are eligible for a signup bonus. Sometimes you don’t need to do anything else to get it, just register or perhaps enter a code. However, much more often casino bonuses are given on a no deposit basis. You deposit a certain amount, and the site increases it. You have to be careful at this stage too, as the site has a minimum and maximum limits, if you exceed them you won’t get the promotion.

Also, welcome bonuses can be given just for logging in to the site, it looks just like a demo mode of play, only the game is played with the bonus funds received.

Types of casino bonuses

  • Welcome Bonus Casino for new players

The casino welcome bonus is one of the aspects that will convince you to sign up. We have to admit that the welcome bonus offered by many casinos is very beneficial. Yes, as mentioned, every promotion has its own rules. We know that it is hard to resist a very lucrative promotion offered by an online casino, for example, https://www.newonline-casinos.co.uk/real-money/ . The welcome bonus may interest even those who have been playing for years. But in any case, be careful and read the terms and conditions from start to finish. Some casinos are happy to give out bonuses, but the turnover is very high, so sometimes it’s not even worth trying.

So, what can you get as a welcome bonus? It all depends on what the casino has in store. A no deposit casino welcome bonus doesn’t come up very often, so be prepared to have to pay first and then enjoy the bonus. Your deposit is usually increased by a certain percentage, the most common being 100%, 150%, 200%, 50%, or 25%. It’s worth knowing that the welcome promotion often applies to more than just the first deposit. Most often it stretches over two, sometimes three or even three or four deposits so that you can spend a little more money each time. In good casinos, the sign-up bonus can bring you up to £3,000. However, always find out what the conditions of the promotion are, and what you need to do once you receive it, and don’t hesitate to contact customer support if you have any questions.

  • No Deposit Welcome Bonus

Online casino with bonuses for registration sometimes offer no deposit promotions, which is much more advantageous from the player’s point of view? Why? The deposit is the amount you have to deposit to get the bonus. Of course, you keep the deposited amount, but you have to deposit it. No-deposit bonuses, however, are different. You don’t have to deposit anything on the site to get the promotion, you usually just need to register and the free no deposit casino bonuses should be paid out automatically. Sometimes you’ll need to select a button, sometimes you’ll need to enter an activation code, or rebuke support for a sign-up bonus. The most important thing, however, is that you read the terms and conditions for receiving the promotion and stick to them.

No deposit welcome bonuses are usually free spins or extra money to spend at the casino. You may be surprised at first, as a no deposit sign-up bonus is usually not very high, it’s a few spins and cash of no more than €50. However, remember that you get free no deposit bonuses without any deposit, it’s a gift from the casino for which you don’t have to deposit absolutely anything, which is a big advantage. This is the reason why players are so eager to participate in these kinds of promotions. They can start playing without having to choose a payment and make a deposit. You just get money or free spins and are ready to start your casino adventure.

  • Free welcome spins at online casinos

Free spins for registration are a very common practice in casinos. They are the ones that are most often given out at the very beginning of your career at a particular site and later on when you play at a particular casino regularly. They are often awarded on a slot game that has been pre-selected by the casino. Sometimes you can also spend free spins on slots from a particular manufacturer. This is quite rare, but sometimes you can count on being able to use the spins on any of the casino games. Free spins for new players come in different ways, meaning they can be earned in different ways, and we already mentioned those ways in the paragraph above.


Now you know what a welcome bonus is, so you can safely start playing at your chosen casino. Remember however that you should choose a trustworthy site, so you shouldn’t chase the biggest rewards, sometimes it’s better to choose a small gift, but on a safe site. That way you can enjoy the game and be safe.