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What escorts say about the most common sexual fetishes client

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The life of an escort is not easy at all, and we are not talking only about the job she has but also about her private life. Escorts often have a very intimate relationship with their clients. So, due to their line of work, they are actually privy to people’s deepest sexual fantasies and desires, even those they might not be quite comfortable sharing with their partners. Let’s find out what escorts say about the most common sexual fetishes clients have.


Many Coventry escorts have revealed over time that the vast majority of their clients are super interested in sissification. This is sometimes known as forced feminization. Sissification is a fantasy in which a male submissive has feminine behaviors or mannerisms in some cases, at the command of the dominant. These clients simply want to be turned into a sissy, which is a disempowered and derogatory term for effeminate men. This whole process involves humiliation, which is something that lots of people like. These men don’t only have this type of behavior, but they also wear bras, panties, and even makeup. Sex workers have dated clients who have asked them to dress or even act in ways that are typically considered to be feminine. 

‘’Forced’’ bi

When the dominant partner ‘’makes’’ the submissive partner engage in all sorts of sexual activities with a partner of the same sex. Well, this act is not being forced, but it is negotiated by the participants before the act itself starts. Even if this is quite hard to believe that this could happen, this fantasy is very common among lots of men. For example, some men imagine various scenarios with them sucking cock or even taking one up the ass. Lots of these men claim they have never been with a man and they have never tried this experience, but the fantasy is still there. 


Another common sexual fantasy that lots of clients who date escorts have are role-playing. This is a fantasy common among men and women as well. It is quite versatile because role-playing involves teacher and student, doctor and patient, boss and employee, and much more. In these erotic scenarios, some male clients are looking for an escort to play an authoritative woman abusing her power, but definitely in a safe context. Therapists say that these men have some sort of sexual anchor or even some unresolved tension or trauma with an authority figure in their family. Plus, there is also the taboo that they were not supposed to be sexually attracted to these individuals in charge. 


This is a kink in which an individual, which is usually a man, gets aroused by watching his partner having sex with somebody else outside the relationship. In many situations, the client is tied up and helpless. On the other hand, others are in forced chastity similar to a cock cage, and they are not allowed to touch themselves until the session has ended. So, it is more about giving up control as well as about anticipation. Furthermore, some of these cuckolding sessions also include some familiar elements of BDSM play such as gags, ropes, or impact play like caning and spanking. 


This is another common sexual fantasy that men and women of all ages have, with call girls from uEscort. This fantasy is without a doubt an exciting one, and plenty of escorts in Viman nagar have tried it with their clients. Having sex with multiple partners at once is definitely a quite popular turn-on for both men and women, whether they are not or are in a serious relationship. However, it is not something that everyone is mature enough to try. Seeing your partner having sex with another person and being okay with that is certainly not for everyone. So, before having a threesome with an escort, you must think very seriously about this aspect, if you really want to go for it or not.                                                                                                                 If you choose to try it, then the good news is that escorts know exactly how to make you feel super comfortable and relaxed so that you can enjoy to the fullest the experience. Most sexual fantasies are super good for sexual life, but only as long as they are not dangerous or they don’t make you feel bad about yourself. For having a satisfying sexual life, it is important that you put into practice all your sexual fantasies. You will surely not regret this decision and you will have the time of your life with your beautiful and attractive escort.