What Happens When You Drive Your Vehicle on a Suspended License?

You can lose your driving privilege if you’re not careful in Ohio. They have strict rules about driving with a suspended driver’s license. It is unlawful to drive a vehicle with a suspended license in all 50 states of America, though. Law enforcement officials who catch you on the road with a suspended driver’s license will arrest you for this offense. Doing so can result in the further suspension of your driver’s license. It can also lead to monetary penalties and even time spent behind bars.

Consequences of driving on a suspended license

Several reasons can cause driver’s license suspensions, and each suspension carries a different set of penalties if you get caught by an official on the road. Depending on the suspension type, you could face significant fines and a suspension for even longer than the original length. Usually, the first-timeDUS offense charges belong to the category of unclassified misdemeanors. These charges can come with fines of up to USD$1,000. You may also have to do some community service for up to 500 hours. However, for first-degree misdemeanor charges, the punishment can be more severe, costing up to a USD$1,000 monetary fine, imprisonment for about 180 days, and nearly five years of community control. Some of these first-degree offenses may also involve sentences.

No matter how you get caught up in this scenario, you would need help to put your life back on track by freeing yourself from the legal claws. For this, paying your bail amount is critical. If you cannot arrange this, you can talk to a trusted bail bonds agency like Castle Bail Bonds. They will pay it on your behalf. Once done, you can connect with your lawyer to look into your legal case.

A few things to consider

To begin with, you must be aware of the suspension type of your license when you face DUS charges. You’ll also want to know your driving record, particularly your traffic violation history. It will indicate the nature of charges and penalties you will most likely face. Obtaining a copy of your driving record would usually involve requesting the official evidence from the prosecution so that you have something to work with at this point. At this stage, it will help if you have a licensed attorney working closely with you and gathering relevant data from that point forward based on all the available pieces of information. Once your attorney has collected all the facts, analyzed them, and drafted a convincing defense for your case, putting together an appropriate plan for action will help secure a positive outcome.

However, all these will matter once you are out of jail. After all, you don’t want to spend your crucial years behind bars. So, contact a local bail bonds company to arrange for the money. Since they tend to be experts in these fields, they will handle all the formalities related to your release or payment of the fine. You can pay them back as per the agreed payment plan. So, it will be a hassle-free process.