What is Cash Mart?

Cash Mart, What is Cash Mart

A Singaporean company called CASH MART specializes in the distribution of microloans. It was established in 1969. The business collaborates with over 50 banks in the Philippines and other countries, including the Philippine National Bank, Overseas Filipino Bank, Philippine Business Bank, and Bank of the Philippines Islands. More than 30,000 people in the Philippines are Cash Mart customers, according to the company’s official website.

You can apply for a loan at CASH MART if you’re a working Filipino citizen between the ages of 21 and 50 who is currently resident in the nation. People with stable work and independent contractors are both eligible. Filipino sailors are a different group of borrowers whom Cash Mart Loans offer too.

What types of loans does Cash Mart provide?

The Cash Mart organization provides fast loans to Filipinos. One of the companies that clients trust the most is this one. Some 30,000 Filipinos have already used the platform, and the user base keeps growing as more people take advantage of the credit opportunities.

The company Cash Mart specializes in providing rapid loans. The people of the Philippines have confidence in the organization. Regardless of a person’s status or location of employment, the business offers the same loan terms to everyone—banks like Asia United Bank, East -West Bank, BDO, and BPI Bank partner with Cash Mart. 

The company offers loans through 4 different schemes :

1- Personal Loans  

 A personal loan is a cash advance required for immediate necessities, such as paying for school, buying furniture for repair, or making a gift for a friend.

 Conditions –

  • Amount of loan: 5000–100000 pesos.
  • Cash Mart offers 0.8-3.5% in interest.
  • Repayment: over a specific timeframe.
  • Application review takes place for 24 hours.

2- Wage Loan 

The customer can get funds for any objective, including starting a business, making purchases, or caring for loved ones. This kind of strategy is suitable for those that need money straight quickly. The company’s slogan for this type of loan is that any day will be the day of your paycheck.


  • 5000–30000 pesos is the loan amount.
  • Rate of interest: 0.8-3.5%.
  • Repayment: over a specific timeframe.
  • Application review takes place for 24 hours.

3- Auto loan  

An automobile purchase requires this kind of financing. The client’s previous credit history needs to be taken into account by Cash Mart. The state bank will not let customers purchase a car on credit if they have overdue bills. After receiving a loan, the Cash Mart organization offers the chance to buy a car in cash.


  • 5000 – 30,000 pesos in the loan amount.
  • Interest rate: 0.8-3.5%.
  • Repayment: During a specific period.
  • Application review takes place over 24 hours.

4 – Loan for travel 

Customers can take a family holiday while traveling thanks to this loan. The money issue can be used to pay for travel, lodging, and visas.


  • Loan amount: 5,000–30,000 pesos.
  • Interest rates range from 1.2% to 2.5 percent.
  • Repayment: over a specific time frame.
  • Application review takes 24 hours.

5 – Reloan 

Only after all debts from the prior loan have been fully repaid may the client reapply for cash advances. The lender can pay the borrower a sizable sum if the debt is paid off earlier than the deadline.

The benefits of Cash Mart Loans 

These benefits of using Cash Mart can be summed up.

  • Interest rate Depending on the applicant’s financial soundness, Cash Mart offers a competitive rate of between 0.0571% and 0.8% each day. 
  • The annual percentage rate (APR) for this ranges from 20.8415% to 292%.
  • quick approval (on the same day)
  • Loan amount: up to 30,000 PHP
  • Rates. Access to funds the same day.
  • No hidden fees or costs. 
  • Everything is open to view.
  • Cash Mart offers goods around the clock to satisfy a range of Filipino needs anywhere.

Conclusion –

Here we discuss the Cash Mart and its types and benefits. If you need a short-term loan, you are considering Cash Mart’s lending program. With fewer requirements, you can withdraw the money directly from your bank account. Your data is kept private. This article will give you relevant information about the cash mart loan.