Vedic astrology, arising in the Aryan times is generally considered to be one of the most antiquated forms of astrology. Maybe more surprising is its use and popularity in today’s world, especially when it comes to auspicious events like Marriage, Rice-initiation as such. Not only the elderly, we even find our youth propagating those traditions. Now, Vedic astrology or “Jyotirvidya” offers a special document called “Kundli”, loosely meaning birth chart. Kundali reading and Kundali matching are both implemented in astrology and are used to predict marriages and compatibility of partners, not forgetting the assurance of a healthy, lengthy married life.

What is Kundli Milan? 

Kundli Milan can be equated to the western astrology concept of horoscope matching. In it, both the birth charts are tallied side-by-side by an expert astrologer to chalk out the compatibility of two partners in marriage by the virtue of their birth charts. Marriages may consequently be barred or encouraged based on aspects like Dosh, Dasha, Rashi, house position of planets, etc. 

Why opt for Kundli Milan? 

Why is Kundli matching deemed crucial? Why do people still choose to pot for this? To settle on an answer, we must understand that a majority of Indians are still comfortable with opting for an arranged communion of souls. There are a few areas where the process of Kundli Milan offers assurance. They are thus noted here, not following any order: 

  1. Kundli Milan can outline the economic prosperity and compatibility of marriage. Money and financial well-being are no doubt an undeniable aspect of marriage and getting married to someone who does not agree much with such matters can be a nightmare. Hence, this aspect is well checked during Kundli matching.
  2. Kundli Milan can reflect the fertility and childbearing compatibility of the partners. Nadi Guna is the eighth Guna that shows child-bearing compatibility as well as general happiness. Overall, health-wise compatibility is also judged to ensure physical compatibility. 
  3. Overall, the two individuals must also be compatible. Their likes, dislikes, and persona should align. Out of the 36 Gunas, no less than 18 should be matched to guarantee a fruitful life.

What is the method for this?

All this could initially come off as complex and mystic but there surely lies a tried-and-true method to create and compare the Kundlis. The entire process is dexterously carried out by trusted astrologists. In today’s world, platforms like Astroyogi can also be referred to as such.

But what really happens in Kundli Milan? To paraphrase, it is done by the ashtakoota method. A plethora of categories are matched and compared including but not limited to Tara, Gana, Bhakoot, etc. Each of these categories has a varying number of points which are dispensed depending on whether the partners are compatible or non-compatible. But, circling back, the main task lies with the ashtakoot matching. There are 36 Gunas in total. For a communion to last, the score must not be below 18 Gunas. If the score stands to a 26, the marriage is accepted yet, a full score of 36 Gunas is always wished for. Certain Doshas are also scouted out during this process of Kundli Matching, namely Nadi Dosha, and Bhakoot Dosha. Manglik and non-Manglik are also determined during this process and the knot between them is consulted to not tie the knot.

But not every aspect is judged during Kundli Matching. Not every astrologer reads all the aspects and often details like the life span of partners, and the quality of marriage is not dwelled into. On the other hand of the spectrum is the Doshas which are always taken into account by most experts. Kundli dosh is taken quite seriously for they often stay long even after the ceremony is done and can permeate into other areas of life too, like finance. The good news is, that some of these Dosh are remittable and often instructions are provided to families regarding the same. The extent to which families choose to follow these guidelines also varies greatly. 

The Ending Line

Despite all the pros of the Kundli Milan, it is without a doubt that marriage works best between two partners who respect and tolerate each other. Although successful, there are instances where marriages obeying the Kundli Milan have failed and those not obeying have been successful. Even the core idea behind Kundli is to find a matching ground of potential partners to help them, thus assisting them in forming an understanding of each other. Hence, Kundli Milan should be taken into account but not disregard the actual chemistry of the couple.