Staff Augmentation


What Is Staff Augmentation?

In order to work on a project more efficiently, there are different outsourcing strategies. Depending on your project, one or another model of cooperation is chosen. In this article, we will talk about staff augmentation.

What is the essence of Staff Augmentation?

Let’s start with the fact that staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy, which is to attract third-party workers to your project. This is how staff increases. Such a solution is suitable for situations where you need to quickly staff or expand the number of staff in a limited time. You can trust for staff augmentation

There are two types of state infatuation. The first option is short-term expansion, and the second option is long-term.

A short-term increase in staff is ideal for companies that have a so-called “season” (when the load becomes very large because of different circumstances). Thus, you can easily and quickly get the missing participants in the workflow and complete your staff.

Long-term staffing is most often used during large projects that take a lot of time. Such projects may require more highly specialized personnel who can take responsibility for rare technologies.

What are the benefits of using this outsourcing model?

Let’s move on to the main advantages that you get while expanding your staff.

Cost reduction

Thanks to this cooperation model, we can conclude event-based contracts without charging fixed costs. Whereas previously we had permanent employees who we rarely involved in the work process due to the nature of their specialties, with the help of this cooperation model we can only involve such employees when necessary.


By cutting costs through outsourcing, you can invest more in your production or your brands, including equipment or technology that also allows you to be more efficient at a lower cost.

Hiring time

By outsourcing the expansion of staff, talent scouting activities can be carried out more quickly if needed. For example, if a company is directly looking for employees, then it takes not only a huge amount of time for interviews but also effort. Therefore, by outsourcing, you can avoid this.

You can hire qualified staff at a lower cost

For example, to perform work in a certain area of ​​information technology, it is required that the person be certified. The provider will be responsible for this. You can simply and easily change employees depending on their specialization without losing your investment.

Flexibility to implement changes in your organization

Perhaps your business has changed its strategy and selling through social media or online requires more investment or staffing in this area than marketing through regular suppliers. For example, you need employees for telemarketing. It is for this that the best option to attract additional strength is outsourcing associated with the expansion of personnel.

The world of information technology is actively developing now and will do so in the future. If we analyze previous years of work, we can conclude that more flexible companies were more successful. That is, it is now appreciated that companies are more dynamic and able to make changes faster, as well as strategies. Under any circumstances, outsourcing is one of the best strategies. Thus, you save your time, and money and can deal with more important work processes. Therefore, do not be afraid to attract additional employees to your company.