What is the blood glucose level you should have before going to sleep?

People with diabetes must regularly control the levels of glycemia in the body . That is to say, carry out a constant monitoring regarding their blood glucose levels , since this fact is a key aspect for the people who live with this disease.

If the people with diabetes do not have adequate control of the blood sugar levels can lead to more serious health problems. Especially those related to the cardiovascular structure of the body.

Therefore, patients living with diabetes must establish a healthy lifestyle. This is the best way to carry out adequate control of the disease.

Among these healthy lifestyle habits, food stands out. It is important to follow a balanced and healthy diet that allows maintaining the levels of glycemia at optimal values ​​so that they do not pose any risk to health.

Likewise, it is also key to leave sedentary life behind. Experts recommend exercising for at least 30 minutes and five days a week.

Although, before starting a plan of physical exercise it is necessary to consult with a medical specialist, so that the plan is adjusted to the specific characteristics of the patient.

Glucose control

Not all people with diabetes should check their blood sugar levels every day . However, some patients may need to check it many times a day.

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