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What is the shortcut to invert colors in Photoshop?

invert colors, Photoshop

Photoshop is a quick and easy-to-find tool to invert any image, such as changing a photo from black to white or vice versa.

The shortcut to invert colors in Photoshop is: open the file in Photoshop > select the image, and press Ctrl + I (for Windows) or Command + I (for Mac) to see the magic!

Let us walk you through these quick fix color inverting techniques.

How to Invert black to white or white to black images:

Photoshop has many tools to make your editing job feel like a breeze. The only thing you need to do is to master the tools.

To invert the colors of an image from white and black or reverse, follow the steps below, and you will be done in a minute:

Step 1: 

Open the same image and copy-paste to see them side by side. Select the Second image by double click.

Step 02:

Click on the Image menu on the upper left corner of the screen, find Adjustments and then Invert. 

That’s it! Your selected image is now inverted to the opposite color.

If you use the same method on a normal image (not a black and white one), the image will be inverted to a full negative image.

invert colors in Photoshop

How to half invert an image?

Photoshop is the ultimate solution for beginners to professionals when it comes to manipulating the colors of an image.

And another way to invert an image is to do it halfway to give it a slightly negative effect. The technique might need few more time than the previous one, but it is always better to learn new techniques to improve your skills.

Opening the new curve adjustment layer:

Since you want to work non-destructively on an image, select Layer and a new adjustment layer. Now, create a new curves adjustment layer.

If you can use the curve tool, it will be easier to change the effect using a new curve adjustment layer.

invert colors in Photoshop

A box at the right of the screen will open after selecting the new curve adjustment. Dark portions of the photo are on the left, and the light part of the photo is on the right.

Adjusting the effect:

By clicking the two dots of the line and dragging them in the upper or lower direction, you will see that the image will invert color. For example, if you pull the left dot from down to up, the image will flip to white.

After that, dragging the upper left dot down will invert the image fully and give it a negative effect.

invert colors in Photoshop

Now you have to click and add an anchor point in the middle. By adding the point, you can manipulate the shadow and light of the photo and increase or decrease the negative effect of the image.

invert colors in Photoshop

Adding an anchor point and dragging the right dot upside will give your photo a half inverted effect. During this part, the image is only inverted in the shadows.

invert colors in Photoshop

Inverting the highlight will give you your desired look.

What does inverting a picture do?

Photoshop tools convert all the photo’s pixels to the opposite color when you invert an image. Also, the image’s brightness and contrast change depending on the shadow and light effect you choose.

The light areas will become dark, and the dark areas of the photo will become lighter if you apply the invert effect.

And one of the best things about inverting color applications in Photoshop is that changing the hue can give you a much more detailed view of the photo. You can modify or make any changes where it is needed.

Again, altering the colors helps color-blind people to see the image. Shifting the spectrum of the image makes them know the stand-out photo.

Before, the purpose of inverting an image was to turn a negative impression into a positive or real image, which is the printed form of the picture.

However, today the inverting application is more used due to creating a fun combination of a half negative and half real photo. Nothing is wrong with experimenting with your image, right?


Now that you know what the shortcut is to invert colors in Photoshop, you can use the technique to get the desired impact. You can make corrections, change the light and darkness of the photo and create an aesthetic effect.

Moreover, your learning curve will also improve with increasing skill developments like inverting colors. To learn more about hack, stay tuned with us.