What is Time Deji Fight What Is Time Deji Fight

The article explains the boxing match’s characteristics as well as rules, regulations, and details on What exactly is The Time Deji Fight.

Are you a boxing lover? You must be interested about the boxing battle between Wassabi against Deji.

In particular, it is a match between more specifically, it matches United Kingdom and the United States. After the pandemic outbreak It was the initial “YouTube Boxing Match”.

However, all eyes are focused on Deji Olatunji because Olatunji lost in his two previous fights against Jack Paul and Vinnie Hacker. Fans are eagerly waiting for his victory in this boxing bout that is scheduled for later in the year.

However, people are also aware of the secrets behind the What is the Time Deji Fight.

What Do You Know About the Fight?

According to our research, the fight should aid on the 5th of March. It’s so popular that boxers from nations such as Ireland as well as Canada have eager to take part in the fight.

The fight is a battle with two sides. In the event that Deji is an experienced boxer Wassabi is set to make his debut into the world of boxing with this fight.

According to our investigation, the real Wassabi’s real name was Alex Burris. Our research also shows the fact that Alex is a popular YouTuber as well as an American citizen.

People are now wondering what Alex will take on Olatunji.

What Is Time Deji Fight

Our in-depth research uncovers certain facts regarding the fight. The boxing contest will take place at “Arena SSE”, Wembley.

The game will be broadcast via the website of “Showstar”. Fans from Australia are able to watch the match via this website.

Everyone can take part in the game at a cost of just 36 pounds per the source. The public can also view the match from the arena. It’s expected to cost 146 pounds.

6 PM is the time for the game at Wembley, London as per our sources. Get ready for the match.

What is Time Deji Fight – the Rules?

Our sources also reveal the rules and regulations governing the battle.

  1. A) The two fighters won’t utilize any head protection.
  2. B) Fighters wear “OZ12” gloves for the fight.
  3. C) The times of each round will be 2 minutes. The match will be five rounds. Other fights will be for four rounds.

Our research has also revealed this fight fight will benefit Faze Temperrrr as well as King Kenny, Kristen Hanby and Vitaly as well as a match will be held in the middle between Minion as well as Corleone.

It’s all about What is Time Deji Fight.

The Trending News

Both boxers are popular with the supporters. It is obvious that fans are angry about the fight.

Everyone is predicting the outcome from the match. But the Deji supporters are somewhat confused because of the two recent performances by Deji.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting March 5th, the 5th of March.


Our sources reveal they have initiated a war of words against each other. Fans are enjoying it since it’s warming up the match’s circumstances.

As of right now we have boxers eager to watch and are eagerly awaiting a thrilling fight to be played on Saturday evening. what is Time Deji Fight.

If you’re interested in knowing more You can look up the website.

Who will take home the victory in the battle? Let us know your prediction.