What Makes Somerville Good for Business?

Somerville, Massachusetts is an interesting suburb outside of Boston. Originally it was nicknamed Summerville because of its boring lifestyle. Recently visit here, however, it has turned around and become one of the hippest neighborhoods in the Boston area.

Somerville City Hall

Visitors to the area will be amazed at this transformation because now it has a slew of trendsetting breweries and restaurants, a thriving art district, a brand-new shopping center, and a calendar throughout the year that is packed with exciting events to attend.

Since this new trend began, and no one knows exactly when it began, it seems that the trend will continue to grow because the city is planning an extensive overall of its oldest commercial center called Union Square. There will also be additional subway lines expanded into the area and other exciting commercial developments. You can always tell when an area is on an upward climb because the restaurant prices and rental accommodation prices are skyrocketing.

Somerville has an interesting history. In fact, there is a unique piece of revolutionary history that occurred in this area. The Battle of Bunker Hill is a well-known battle where the colonists were defeated by the British. After this disastrous defeat, the remaining settlers retreated to the present-day Somerville Prospect Hill location.

This strategic Hill provided the colonists with an excellent view of Boston and the British fleet. The top of the hill was nicknamed the Citadel because it was the strongest fortification for the rebels. On casino joka these rebels raised the very first Grand Union which was the original flag of the American Colonies. Each New Year’s Day the mayor of Somerville portrays General Washington and reenacts the event.

In the summertime, the Somerville Arts Council organizes a variety of funky and funny events celebrating the city. For example, there is the “Porch Fest” which provides musicians of all abilities an opportunity to play for passers-by. They do this as they sit on their porch and play. The summertime also sees an increase in poetry slams, dance parties, art markets, puppet shows, and music festivals.

September is the month of the Fluff Festival where the “Marshmallow Fluff” was originally invented. October has the biggest event which is a musical extravaganza called the “Honk.” During the month of December, there is the “Illumination Tour” which is a trolley ride throughout the city to see the various outrageous Christmas light displays.