What Makes Themed Slots So Popular?

On any list of the most favored casino games, slots always rank very high. Fast, fun-packed and offering anyone a good chance to win, they are the casino game for the everyman and woman.

This longstanding popularity has only grown in the age of the online casino. One big reason for that is the themed slots that are available at those sites.

Although slots have been around for over a century, the internet has brought games with more imagination than the basic fruit machine. Starting with slots inspired by the latest hit films, this expanded to include wilder and more eccentric themes.

Why are Themed Slots so Popular?

As is so often the case when a particular type of entertainment captures the public imagination, there is no one explanation for the popularity of themed slots. People love them for many reasons, including the following:

  • Escapism

All iGaming is escapist entertainment, but themed slots take that to another level. The imagery and stories created by graphics, video and audio really let people disappear into fantasy lands.

That places them closer to traditional video gaming than other casino games such as poker. People love to get away from the everyday for a while.

  • Jackpots

Every slot comes with a jackpot – that is central to the idea of them. The ones available with themed slots are often bigger though.

That is because developers and online casinos know that slots with themes keep people engaged for longer. Therefore it makes sense to build their progressive jackpots into those games.

  • Broad appeal

Standard casino gaming is not for everyone. On the other hand, by providing games inspired by hit films, as well as pop and rock stars, themed online slots connect with these non-gamblers.

The fans of top pop singers, rock bands and movies are more passionate about their idols now than ever before. That means they want to be part of anything related to them, including spin-off slot games.

  • Immersion

A themed slot might not match up to a virtual reality role-playing game for immersion yet. However slot technology is closing the gap in terms of pulling you into its worlds.

The games now typically feature audio and video clips if they are inspired by a movie, alongside reel icons featuring the main characters. Equally, ones based on musicians have their hit songs and videos incorporated into the play.

  • Variety and innovation

There are literally thousands of themed online slots, so fans never find themselves getting bored. Slots offer greater variety than any of their rival online casino games.

The popularity also means that developers are always coming up with new titles based on existing cultural trends. Many of these contain innovative bonus games and improvements to the graphics or other game-play features.

That constant drive to innovate is helping themed online slots to stay fresh and interesting.

  • Affordability

Slots games are easily the cheapest form of online casino gaming to play. Most themed slots will allow people to bet pennies on each pay line.

By comparison, table games like blackjack involve betting far larger amounts of money. That contributes to the widespread love of themed slots.

Especially as low bets do not stop you playing for the jackpot.

What are the Most Popular Themed Slots?

Some of the themed slots that enjoy huge popularity are more surprising than others.

The Avengers slot

Superhero movies rule the global box office and Marvel is at the very summit. Thus the success of this spin-off slot game with all of the main Avengers characters was pretty predictable.

There are lots of clips from the movie blended into the game and players get cash bonuses if every main character is on-screen at one time.

Space Invaders

One of the most famous arcade video games ever is also now a very hot slot. The idea is the same as the original game, with players needing to kill invading aliens.

The big difference is that doing so activates things like bonus payouts and free spins. That makes it an exciting game that can also bring real financial rewards.

Jimi Hendrix slot

Now that the audio technology for slots games has advanced, music ones sound better than ever. Despite that, the massive popularity of this Jimi Hendrix slot is still a bit of a surprise.

Most people would expect the biggest music themed slot to be one based on a more current star. Nonetheless, this is an excellent game that delivers on its theme.

There are fun bonus features called Crosstown Traffic and Purple Haze for boosting your payouts. Then there is an extra round titled Little Wing and lots of top Hendrix tunes as a soundtrack.

The Goonies slot

This is possibly benefiting from the 1980s nostalgia boom created by Stranger Things. Then again, the Goonies has a devoted cult following, so maybe it was always going to be among the most loved games.

Sloth, Chunk and other celebrated characters all feature prominently. Meanwhile the surprising bonus rounds recreate the playful shocks of the original movie.

The themed slots that achieve real popularity tend to be ones that tap into a pop culture phenomenon or idea that people feel attached to. They also combine the clever use of that theme with the traditional strengths of slots, like cheap and simple game-play and jumbo sized jackpots.