What To Do At a Kids Party? Here Are Seven Suggestions

Celebrating your children’s birthdays or some achievements can be fun for both the parents and the children. When preparing a party for your kids, you may run out of ideas because children can often change their interests and entertainment tools. 

That’s why it is perfect for incorporating something new into the parties and having multiple options in case the children don’t like it. 

Today, we will present seven things you can do at a children’s party to make it more entertaining. Whether you want to throw the party indoors or outdoors, you can adjust these activities to fit your party. 

  1. Choose a theme 

Traditional, monochrome children’s parties are dull and lifeless. We understand that you want your party to be visually pleasing, but it is not about that. The main goal of your party is for the children to have fun, and one of the ways you can achieve this is to set up a theme for the party. 

Incorporating happy birthday yard signs can significantly elevate the excitement and visual appeal of your child’s party. These signs can be customized to match the party’s theme, whether it’s a favorite cartoon or TV show, adding a vibrant and welcoming touch to the celebration. Not only do they make a great first impression as guests arrive, but they also provide a fun backdrop for memorable photos.

Your child may have some hyper fixation, such as a cartoon or a TV show; if you want kids to have fun, set up a party with a theme that your child loves. Many people organizing a kid’s party hire professionals to help them with decorations and entertainment. It is always a good idea to get professionals on the case. 

  1. Play bingo 

You may think that bingo is an older people’s game, but you are wrong. When children play bingo, it can calm them down and help them with their focus. They will also be entertained and will want to play more. This game is excellent for developing listening skills and improving focus. 

You can also incorporate some small prizes the children can win when they get a bingo. You can use cartoon characters instead of numbers to make the game fun and suitable for their age. Bingo might be the best way to keep the children calm but entertained. 

  1. Get them to perform 

When children are at a party, they want to communicate with other children and play games. To get the children to bond, you can ask them to prepare a performance for you. They will surely come up with something creative and will be happy to do their little choreography for you. 

Children should express their creative side, and one of the best ways to do it is to give them complete artistic freedom. They can create any performance they want, such as singing, acting, etc. You can provide them with a theme, such as a cartoon performance, to encourage them to express themselves. 

  1. Make art 

Another way of letting the kids express their creative side is to create art. Many children like to draw or scribble, so incorporating this activity into your party will be very entertaining to the kids. Give them markers, watercolours, clay, pens, papers, etc., and watch their art come to life. You will see how invested they will be in creating something unique. 

If you are throwing your party outdoors, you can take some chalk and let the children decorate your driveway. Your little guests will be amazed to have the opportunity to use this giant canvas to create their art. We assure you that all children want to express their creative side – you should give them the tools to do so. 

  1. Use Pinatas 

Children cannot be happier than playing games and eating unlimited sweets and snacks. So why not incorporate both into one of your party activities? You can DIY a pinata for the kids and let them smash it to reveal the candies and snacks inside. You will instantly see the smiles on children’s faces when the candies drop. 

You can also order a custom pinata with your child’s favourite character. The children will enjoy the show and the prizes they can collect. Moreover, you will have fun watching your kid smash the pinata blindfolded. It is a win-win activity!

  1. Play musical chairs 

Musical chairs have been loved among children for decades now. You may have played this game as a child and had a great time – trust us, the euphoria and the fun didn’t go away. Set up a few chairs in a circle and play some music. When the music stops, the children should sit in one of the chairs, and whoever doesn’t find a place to sit will be “disqualified.” 

This game is an excellent way of practicing coordination, focus, orientation, and motor skills in a fun way. Musical chairs will never be out of fashion, so it is a great activity to incorporate into your kids’ party, no matter their age.

  1. Do some cooking 

As we have already mentioned, children want to express their creative side, so setting up a cooking activity will be a great way to get to know the food world while also having fun. They will create their own “toys”, using flour, water, oil, food colouring, and other edible ingredients. 

By practicing this activity, children will learn how different ingredients go together and what they will form. The kids will create their recipes and have fun sharing recipes with other kids. Don’t add potent ingredients like vinegar to avoid possible dangers. 


All children want to have fun and make new friends. If you plan to throw a party for your kids and want to ensure they are entertained, you should let them express their creative side. The previously mentioned activities will keep the children entertained and enable them to express themselves. You and the children will enjoy these activities, whether you are throwing an indoor or outdoor party.