What to Look for in an Outplacement Firm

Employment turnovers are inevitable, making companies find a solution to managing the offboarding process. Among the possible solutions is the outplacement firm, which supports outgoing employees’ transition into the new job. But what should the companies look for in an outplacement firm?

Tailored Service

An outplacement firm is far from a general HR-related firm; they should be specific for effectiveness. Thus, it’s a standard protocol that outplacement firms should painstakingly identify the exit employee’s career-related needs. By identifying the employee’s needs, the outplacement firm can design a program that better fits the worker’s needs. 

Outplacement services can include resume assessment, building a portfolio that centers on a certain career, and interview preparation. In establishing a social profile, an employee can learn proprietary learning, design and optimize a LinkedIn profile, and foster networking. A former employee can also include options other than typical corporate employment through outplacement services, such as self-employment and freelancing.

Coaching Support

Outplacement firms should place the greatest efforts on their coaching services. Coaching support enables the employee to train and prepare for his next hiring and application process. This type of coaching support is what terminated employees frequently request.

Coaching support can also provide the employees with training relating to the technical skills related to their next career. Specialized knowledge about the profession is an additional arsenal to the skills set, thereby making a smooth transition from one job to another.

Employees undergoing coaching support from an outplacement firm often report finding and transitioning to their next job position in under three months or less. This is 200% more effective than the usual job hunt without outplacement firms’ assistance. 


There is a need for companies to require the outplacement firms to be adept in technological aspects. For one, remote online jobs are becoming an option in today’s context. Freelancing is now a dominating employment status because workers are into the idea of control over their work time. 

Apart from those is the inherent integration of computer-aided systems into the workplace. In coaching sessions, the former employee should be able to rely on the outplacement firm to give technological skills and insights. The firm should also assist the client’s former employee in building online portfolios and establishing an online profile through various social media platforms. 

Counselling Service

Outplacement firms do not always handle cases of employee career shifts and intentional resignation from the client company. Instead, outplacement services are also applicable for those employees who got terminated involuntarily. In addition to the coaching services offered, outplacement firms should be able to provide counseling services for these terminated employees. 

Counselling also implies the remaining employees of the same client firm. It enables the surviving employees to work earnestly without guilt and post-trauma. Additionally, outplacement firms should also assist in maintaining a reconciling bond between those who got terminated and those who were spared. 

Optimal Price

Resorting outplacement services may seem costly, but it shouldn’t be the case. Outplacements are inexpensive alternatives for managing the offboarding process while retaining the quality assurance rendered to the client’s employees. These outplacement services are seventy percent cheaper than any other offboarding managerial services.