What You Can Do Naturally to Strengthen Your Nails

Nails may appear simple to maintain, but that is not always the case. Like other body parts, nails are vulnerable to various conditions, such as detergents, and need proper nourishment. The nourishment does not mean using artificial products such as polishes; it implies using organic or natural practices to keep the nails healthy.

Good nails can be a sign of sound health and an indicator of what is going on in the body. For instance, if you discover your nails are frequently splitting, you could have low thyroid. Therefore, instead of relying on manufactured nail products, you need to maintain your nails using natural products that will benefit the body and the nails. If you are unsure of the natural way to do it, here are some guidelines.

  1. BAIB Nails 

BAIB refers to a builder in a bottle, a gel suitable for strengthening your nails. It can help the nails grow naturally and prevent breakages from conditions such as nail dryness. It is a protective gel that allows the nails to grow naturally without the risk of breakages or dryness. 

The gel does not require a base coating, which makes it easy to use, especially when doing your DIY nail care. BAIB nails offer a protective layer over your nails to keep them healthy and prevent conditions such as nail dryness because of exposure to too much water. 

  1. Get Enough Proteins

Proteins are significant for helping in cell recovery within the body; hence, you need enough proteins to help your nails grow and stay healthy. If your nails have discoloration or spots due to the polish or other conditions, taking enough proteins will restore them. You need about 45 to 56 grams of proteins daily to support nail recovery, growth, and nourishment. 

  1. Biotin Supplements

Having enough Vitamin B in the body will boost the Keratin levels, boosting your nails’ health. Keratin can be an excellent remedy if you suffer from brittle nail syndrome because such biotin strengthens the nails. The best nail supplements for boosting keratin are biotin products. You can also get biotin from nuts, eggs, dairy products, salmon, sweet potatoes, etc. 

  1. Use Gloves When Cleaning

Nails can sometimes be affected by the things we handle or interact with. When cleaning, you need to put on gloves to avoid the nails interacting with detergents longer because the effects of such detergents can lead to nail dryness, splitting, or breaking. You can use gloves for other minor chores, such as washing dishes. 

If the hand becomes too dry, you must take corrective actions before it worsens. You can use moisturizers to restore hydration. Or use hand lotion or cuticle balm to retain the moisture in the nails. Remember to use a nourishing cream before and after cleaning.

Female hands in gloves wash dishes with detergents Female hands in gloves wash dishes with detergents gloves using utensils stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

  1. Limit The Interaction Of Nails And Water

Water is essential for the body; however, dipping your nails frequently for extended hours in the water could affect your nails’ integrity. Too much exposure to water will lead to dry cuticles, which can significantly damage the nails. Therefore, it is essential to keep them out of water when taking detox baths or soothing bathtubs. 

  1. Use Cuticle Oil

You can use cuticle oil to prevent nail dryness; just soak the nails in the oil for about 10 minutes to heal the dry cuticles and nails. The oil will also boost the moisture retention within the nails.

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  1. Avoid Excess Use Of Polish Products

Polish is suitable for beauty; every time you step out for any event, you must polish your nails. However, too much polish can harm your nails, and you must avoid overusing them. Hence, nails require sufficient exposure to free air to help with needs such as aeration and strengthening. Too much or all-time polish can lead to adverse effects such as brittle and low-quality nails.

Another damage is using certain types of nail polish removers. You should only use organic nail polish removers to help you preserve the nails. Some removers contain ingredients such as acetone that can lead to the nails and cuticles drying, eventually causing breakages and peeling. The best nail polish removers should contain more proteins and non-acetone to nourish your nails.

  1.  Do Not Cut The Cuticles

Cuticles are significant for ensuring fungus and bacteria stay off the nails. When the cuticles begin peeling, you must not cut them. Instead, you can add massage oil to the peeling cuticles, then gently press and massage them back into position. Cutting them leaves an opening for the bacteria and fungi to infect the nails. 

However, if you cut the cuticles, you need to add 1 to 2 drops of tea tree essential oil to the openings. The oil has antibacterial and fungal power and will prevent their interaction with the nails and skin. 

Young woman cutting cuticle with nail scissors at home Young woman cutting cuticle with nail scissors at home nail cuticles stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


There are many natural ways to strengthen your nails; some involve using supplements such as biotin or eating a healthy diet. You can also maintain the nails by exercising caution when cleaning, soaking in a bathtub, or at work. Lastly, you must use protective gels such as BAIB to protect the nails from moisture loss and other conditions that can directly damage them.