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What’s going to Happen to SEO Market?

Power set, the company who has been working on the search engine technology for the past 30 years (technology that understands the meanings between words as humans understand language). The whole idea is to create a search real money blackjack, which is going to give us humans better search results by understanding the question and relate that question to the content much better than Google search results that depend on the page rank, and keywords.

There is an article in Venture Beat, and an example that they are giving is quite interesting:

“Better, the technology appears to learn over time. Power set can use abstractions. For example, it scans the Web and finds that Hillary Clinton is associated with words like “liberal” and “democrat” and “leader.” You may also want to read the post how Google answers to the difficulties of the technology that Power Set has been developing, and (kind of) defending their position as to doing a search with keyword and a statistics dependent-even though they have also been working on the same technology. Now, I want to know what is going to happen with the SEO community with the white hats, black hats, and no hats that all depend on keywords, page ranking, and search engine optimization

Google Back link And Real Life Back link

I was reading about the news that Google now has a tool to see your back links. This is great! I suppose, this whole thing boils down to one thing, and it goes all the way to page ranks. Then, just out of curiosity I was looking at the patent for the page rank that Google is based on. Here’s a portion of it;

Using robot in Your Site

I wanted to post this article to give a summarized feedback about how to use robots.txt with various alternatives which may be suitable for your use. As you know, robot.txt file is used to keep search engine bots from coming and indexing your site (or maybe some portions of your site).

What is robot file: Search engines crawl through your site with what they call “bots”, which are also known as search engine robots. These robots take information off of your site and store them for the people who are searching the Internet for information. And sometimes there are some pages in your website that you do not want this information to be available for others. This is the time when you use robot.txt file. In other words, this file keeps search engine robots from taking information from a specific portion of your site (or maybe from your entire site online roulette usa) to make available for people.

Why do I need robot.txt file: Your site may contain some pages that only subscribed users should be able to access to obtain the data on that particular page? Or, you may want specific search engine robots accessing your site, and keep the other search engines away (or maybe away from some other portions of your site).How do you create robot file: You can create your robot text file with any text editor – Notepad in Windows will do, and it should be a text.