When Can Players With GTA Modded Accounts Play GTA VI Online? 

Will GTA VI Have Multiplayer?

Grand Theft Auto games are single-player titles for the most part, but ever since GTA Online came out, people have been expecting the same treatment for GTA VI.

The official development announcement made earlier this year about GTA VI sparked questions about the future of GTA Online. If the rumors are accurate, we’ll return to Vice City as the upcoming title’s setting. Should that be the case, it raises a concern about what Rockstar Games will do about GTA Online, as Los Santos is its main city. GTA Online is Rockstar’s most profitable Grand Theft Auto, so would they just shut down the game once the GTA VI comes out to move to a new online hub? Nevertheless, players with GTA modded accounts expect new features to debut with the new game.

Multiplayer is A Must

Since Rockstar Games released GTA Online, there’s no going back to having an offline version of future Grand Theft Auto games. With many games having online play these days, seeing online iterations of the games we love is commonplace. A prime example would be Rockstar’s other title, Red Dead Redemption 2. RDR2 is undoubtedly one of the best single-player games in history, and what better way to cash in on it than by introducing an online mode? This gave birth to Red Dead Online, which allows players to ride solo or form a band of hooligans as they battle other gangs and lawmen. 

In August 2019, Take-Two Interactive—the owner of 2K and Rockstar Games—announced that they had gross profits of $299 million in the first quarter of its fiscal year. According to Take-Two, most revenue they gained during that time was generated by recurrent consumer spending on GTA Online and Red Dead Online. This means that many of the profits they earned in 2019 were thanks to players making in-game purchases of their online games. The recurrent consumer spending takes up 58% of their total GAP revenue for that year.

Considering the amount of money Take-Two and Rockstar Games accumulated then, you can bet that we’ll have an online version of Grand Theft Auto VI once it finally hits the market.

Upgrades to Expect in GTA VI

The GTA Online we currently know is positively drip-fed with vehicles. With a massive collectible of cars in the game, you can expect the catalog of convertibles and the like to be upgraded. The recently released leak showed some features we can expect for GTA VI.

Besides dynamic animations added to the vehicles, you’ll have options to control the following:

  • Sunvisor
  • Armrest position
  • Rearview mirror position
  • Seat reclining
  • Interactive clutch pedals/gas/brake
  • Seat position
  • Steering wheel position

We can also expect a more modernized engine to run GTA VI. You must remember that GTA V was released around 2013, and it shows. Both the good and bad aspects of the game can be clearly seen. GTA V’s combat is clunky as hell, making shootouts feel like a chore compared to other modern shooters. Today’s games come with capabilities that adapt to upscaling technology, raytracing, resolutions higher than 1080p, and higher framerates. We’ve already seen modders add these visual upgrades to the current Grand Theft Auto Online. If the final version of GTA VI’s multiplayer looked remotely as good as that, players would have a better online experience.

A Bigger and Better GTA Online?

Despite Grand Theft Auto Online being one of the most-played online games, many think it’s time for a new take on it. At this point, we’ve been playing GTA V for the past five years, and it’s time to explore never-before-seen horizons. The map from GTA V’s offline story and online mode is set in the exact location: Los Santos. This is why most players who played both games remember every corner of the map by heart. According to the rumors, we’ll be getting a bigger and better version of GTA Online, with the following title set to bring new locations that give homage to the old games. Of course, there will also be new characters and upgrades to see.

A Chance to Surpass Past Title

As we’ve said, GTA Online is one of Rockstar Games’ most profitable titles, with millions of active GTA accounts still playing. And if GTA VI’s online mode adds all the extra chops and enhancements, there’s a high chance it will surpass its predecessor. Grand Theft Auto, in general, is an ever-evolving game that’s all about visiting entire locales and creating new stories. We can sense significant changes coming to the series and are excited about what’s to come.