When Should You Consider Cataract Surgery

Like any other body part, our eyes are susceptible to various health conditions. Though the conditions vary with age and other risk factors, cataract is one of the common eye conditions. A cataract occurs as a natural aging process, but if ignored, it can cause debilitating symptoms that risk losing sight. Fortunately, cataract surgery Jenkintown procedure can improve your condition and safeguard your sight in the long run.

However, the best way to manage this condition is to identify its symptoms early and allow treatments to take effect immediately. Moreover, in most cases, the ideal option to manage cataracts is through surgery. Let’s examine the leading signs that indicate it’s to consider cataract surgery.

1.     Your vision becomes cloudy or blurry

One of the top signs that prove you’ve cataracts is blurry vision. Usually, blurry vision causes glare from lights and dull colors. When the tissues in your eye lens deteriorate, they cloud the lens, leading to blurry vision. Most doctors often prescribe eyeglasses, but if your cataract is severe, the glasses cannot correct your condition. However, if you notice that no other treatment improves your cataract condition, it’s time for surgery.

2.     Difficulty in low light conditions

Typically, you will experience the heavy effects of cataracts in moments when light is scarcer. Cataracts can sometimes cause light sensitivity and produce glare and halos. This makes it challenging to perform activities like driving at night. Therefore, if your situation isn’t alleviating even with other prescriptions, you should consider cataract surgery Singapore.

3.     Double vision in your eyes

Although double vision points to various eye conditions, cataracts may be the leading cause of double or triple vision. Furthermore, if you notice this symptom in one of your eyes, it’s a definitive sign that you should seek cataract treatment. When your eye lens is clouded, you will likely experience double vision. However, a personalized surgical procedure can improve your cataract condition.

4.     Light sensitivity

Sensitivity to light is a common cataract symptom, and it can also be incredibly painful and fatal, especially if ignored. Some kinds of cataracts may scatter light when it hits your eyes and can cause pain, especially when light is directly focused on your retina. However, if you’re experiencing sensitivity to the glare of bright lights, you may want to try cataract surgery.

5.     You have cataracts in both eyes

While cataract usually affects one of your eyes, you can also experience these symptoms in both eyes. However, your doctor can assess the most affected eye and recommend surgery to eliminate the frustrating symptoms of cataracts. You can also benefit from surgery for both eyes, especially if you want to experience better vision in the long run. The good thing about the surgery is that it addresses your condition from the root cause and relieves your symptoms for good.

Though many people overlook cataract symptoms, this condition is one of the central causes of blindness, especially if not treated early. Therefore, it would be best if you consult an eye specialist even when you notice minor and early signs of cataracts. Furthermore, many treatment options include surgery to ensure you regain your natural vision. Cataract surgery is a minimally invasive procedure with minimal complications and tremendous benefits. Don’t wait until your cataract condition gets out of hand when your eye surgeon is just a call away!