Where to Buy Wholesale Roses? 

The rose is one of the noblest and most luxurious flowers. Depending on the chosen variety and color, it is ideal for any event: from the most delicate and intimate to festive, solemn, and even sad ceremonies. And although even a single rose flower causes reverence and delight, lush bouquets give any event a special significance, beauty, and energy. In addition, if you buy fragrant varieties of roses, they instantly fill the space with the most delicate subtle aroma. To ensure the grandeur and magnificence of the celebration, it is better to make a roses bulk order. This will allow you to buy more stems for a lower price.

The Best Place to Buy Wholesale Roses in the USA

FiftyFlowers online store grows the most popular and even exotic varieties of roses on their farms in Ecuador. A vast selection, low wholesale prices for products, and a perfectly working delivery service have become the most important success factors for the company. Thanks to the demand for FiftyFlowers products and the enthusiastic work of the team, the business success of the project made it possible to increase the number of flower farms every year. And this meant an even greater variety of flowers and greenery. Roses are undoubtedly the centerpiece of the company’s greenhouses since they are the most welcome guest at any wedding and other ceremonies.  

What Varieties of Bulk Roses Does FiftyFlowers Offer?

Roses can be found on the FiftyFlowers website in a variety of shades, flower shapes, and scents. In addition, sets of rose petals are offered in fresh, frozen, or dried form. Choose unique rose bouquets from such popular varieties as

  • Garden roses
  • Standard roses
  • Roses Peony
  • David Austin Roses
  • Roses Spray
  • Roses Sweetheart, and many others

Also, you can buy trendy preserved roses, which are suitable both for creating unfading luxurious bouquets and for decorating rooms. Due to the unique technology of replacing the inner fluid, these roses can remain fresh for several years. Therefore, they are ideal for honeymoon trips, decorating ceremonies, and many other occasions.

How to Make Roses Bulk Order

FiftyFlowers delivers orders within 4 days from its own farms in Ecuador. If you need roses urgently, you can get them the very next day thanks to the company’s network of US offices. However, to be sure that you will receive your favorite variety of roses, it is better to place an order a couple of weeks in advance.

  • Open the flower type section on the company website and navigate to the roses page.
  • Use filters to narrow down your search by selecting the desired variety or shade of rose.
  • If you do not have a deep knowledge of rose varieties and any firm preferences, you can start with the Bestsellers section.
  • After choosing the roses you like, specify the date and time of delivery and place an order.

FiftyFlowers delivers bouquets from 25 to 250 roses in one bunch at wholesale prices. You will get the best buds in the agreed time and free delivery with large orders!