Where to Get Tactical Pants?

Tactical pants are an important element of the uniform of police officers, security guards, and other public servants. Due to its extreme strength and convenient systems for organizing the necessary things, such clothing helps to cope with even the most difficult work tasks. Some types of tactical pants are allowed to be used by civilians.

Types of pants

Depending on the purpose and features of use, the tactical pants that you will find at the Galls tactical pants store have several varieties. Each category differs in features of the cut and the presence of additional elements that simplify the work of representatives of various professions.


The overt pants are similar to military pants. Seven-pocket models are the most popular, which affects their functionality. The pockets are deep and have adjustable flaps. The crotch has additional inserts that provide ease of movement and mobility.

Covert style

Covert tactical work pants help undercover agents and police officers remain invisible in a crowd as this style is much less associated with law enforcement. The restrained appearance is combined with the strength of the fabric, a comfortable cut, and the presence of hidden and insert pockets. The pants in this cut have internal pockets for knee pads and adjustable waist tabs for carrying weapons.

EMS/EMT pants

You will also find clothing for emergency services on the pages of the Galls tactical pants store catalog. The design of EMS/EMT pants features pockets designed for the most necessary items: harness, scissors used in case of injuries, IFAK kit, and other medical equipment. Medical tactical clothing features reinforced knees and an adjustable waistband, while ripstop fabric provides uniform strength and stain resistance.

You will find all the mentioned categories of tactical pants in the Galls store, which has clothing and accessories for the most difficult service needs.

Mandatory tactical pants elements

The Galls tactical pants store offers clothing that meets all the requirements of police officers, security guards, medics, and emergency services workers. That is why the main features of such clothes are impressive functionality and proven durability. Along with that, the tactical pants at the Galls store have some must-haves.

Convenient pockets

Pockets can be external or hidden. Also, the pockets of tactical pants have a special purpose:

  • The knife pocket is long and narrow, with a reinforced bottom.
  • Cargo pockets provide a lot of space for storing the necessary things.
  • Pockets for keys with handcuffs are a mandatory element of a police uniform.
  • Departments for multimedia devices.

Pocket fasteners are chosen depending on the purpose: Velcro, zippers, and buttons. Manufacturers use high-quality accessories for tailoring tactical clothing.

Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW)

In various situations, the weapon must be concealed. Deep gusset pockets are designed to prevent its contours from being visible through the fabric, and the belt has fabric inserts with reinforced stitching to support the gun and holster.

Strengthening of the most vulnerable areas

Tactical pants are used in harsh environments, so the knees, seat and crotch area, and belt loops have reinforcement and additional stitching. Thanks to this, it is possible to cope with challenging tasks in field conditions, while the clothes remain intact.

Manufacturers of tactical clothing care not only about durability and functionality but also about mobility because every second counts. The pants have elastic inserts on the waist and in the crotch area. Thanks to this, it is comfortable, and no movement is constrained.