Bluetooth over ear headphone is a very versatile set of headphones. They can be used for gaming, watching a movie, or even if you are traveling on a long journey. These headphones have so much fame worldwide, contributing to a global market. Consequently, they also have a lot of brands competing to be the best. However, Soundcore stands head and shoulders above the rest. Below are the reasons that make Soundcore such a household name.


Excellent Noise Cancellation 

The Bluetooth over ear headphones by Soundcore have state-of-the-art noise cancellation. The earphones use two microphones on each ear cup to eradicate any surrounding noise. The microphones pick up any surrounding noise and measure the frequency of the incoming sound wave. They then produce a similar soundwave with a 180-degree phase difference, completely canceling the surrounding sound. The earphones perform this function with a whopping accuracy of 98%. Additionally read these headphones user manuals, sothat the user can switch between transport, indoor and outdoor modes according to the situation at hand using the Soundcore app.

Exceptional Sound Quality

The multiple drivers situated within the speakers and Soundcore’s Bass Up technology go hand-in-hand to produce an exhilarating range of sounds. The pioneering double-layered diaphragms, made of titanium, enable them to produce clear and bright songs. The sound created is gold standard Hi-Res audio. Hi-Res Audio is lossless audio that reproduces a range of sound from recordings, replicating the original sound quality produced at the recording time. This attribute of Bluetooth over ear headphones by Soundcore is second to none and highly contributes to the company’s success.

Bluetooth 5.0

In addition to the mentioned qualities, the headphones also have Bluetooth 5.0. It is the latest and, by far, the best Bluetooth version ever developed. The inclusion of this technology within the Bluetooth over ear headphones assures users that the sound produced is continuous, uninterrupted, and clear as day.

Long-lasting battery life

The battery life of Soundcore Bluetooth over ear headphones is insane. Models reach up to 50 hours of battery time, lasting for more than two days. It makes them the perfect accessory to own for a weekend away, as you can use them out in the wilderness without worrying about the battery running out. In addition to this, the Soundcore headphones support USB C-type fast charging, which means they can reach full battery potential if charged for over an hour. They also have ultra-fast charging with a 5-minute charge easily lasting for over 5 hours.

Comfortable fit

Soundcore Bluetooth over ear headphones are the most comfortable and easy-to-wear headphones available in the market. The ergonomic headband design allows you to wear these headphones for long hours without straining the ear. The headphones also have padded memory foam ear cups with protein leather that use your body heat to adjust according to the size of your ears, hence fitting perfectly. They are also portable as they come with a travel case and are even foldable.

AI Enhanced calls

Taking calls with Soundcore Bluetooth over ear headphones has never been easier. The multiple microphone sensors use modern voice recognition software to pick up the speaker’s voice. This feature and the excellent noise cancellation facility allow you to take calls in a loud public area and appear as if you are within the vicinity of your home.


These features make Soundcore such a reliable name in the speaker market. The features of their Bluetooth over ear headphones are of the highest order. No other brand could offer such exemplary sound quality, noise cancellation, or insane battery timing. Hence, choose Soundcore and invest in the best Bluetooth over ear headphones. Make a choice that you are never going to regret.