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You may have heard about the destruction done to Georgia Guidestone in Elbert County. Want to learn more about the monument? Are you familiar with the ten principles that were written on the stone’s surface? For more information, please read the article below.

The United States and Canada want to know what caused the explosion of this monument. The bombing of the monument, which was a landmark in America is suspect. We did extensive research and found out some interesting information about Who Made the Georgia Guidestones? Let us move into details.

Georgia Guidestones

Robert Christian, a pseudonym for Robert Christian, built the monument in June 1979. He used six of the finest granite stones, and also wrote guidelines for people.

It is located in Elbert County, Georgia. The monument is known as “American Stonehenge”. Ten principles were written by the developer of the monument, which estimates that there will be an economic, nuclear and social disaster in the world. The monument was destroyed by an unknown source on July 6, 2022 morning. For safety reasons, the officials demolished the monument. Worldwide, people are searching the Internet for Georgia Guidestones Documentary.

Let’s lighten the situation and discuss the history of the monument, as well as some guidelines. The initial investigation revealed that an unknown vehicle was on the scene. When the vehicle left, the monument was attacked. The cause of the explosion and the person responsible for the scene are still unknown.

We will learn more about the ten principles that he gave to humanity. It is 20 feet high and contains more than 4,00 letters. The eight languages that are engraved on the capstone include English, Hindi and Hebrew, Russian, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.

Georgia Guidestones Text

The text contains:

  • For a permanent balance with the natural world, humanity should not exceed 500,000,000
  • To improve fitness and diversity, reproduction should be handled carefully.
  • Should unite people with a new living language.
  • Tempered reason should not be used to impose faith, passion, and tradition.
  • To protect the nation, courts and laws must be fair.
  • Avoid useless officials and petty laws.
  • All countries have their own internal rule, but external disputes are governed by the international court.
  • You must balance your personal rights with social responsibilities
  • Infinite truth, beauty, love for seeking harmony.
  • Do not be a threat to Earth.

We’ll be learning more about Who made the Georgia Guidestones?

Nearby residents heard the blast in the early hours of the morning, at 4:00 AM. The explosion of the stone tablet was captured on video. Kandiss Taylor, along with conspiracy theorists, claim that the incident was a divine act. These criminal acts should be punished and those responsible must be held accountable.

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