Who Makes the Best Self Vacuum in 2022?


Who Makes the Best Self Vacuum in 2022?

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Today’s robotic vacuum market is a mix of 100-year-old electronic brands, and specialized companies established a couple of years ago. Even though their products are almost 20 years old, they can still satisfy modern cleaning needs- thanks to advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence. 

That said, you cannot simply go and easily pick the best self-vacuum since numerous options are available. Therefore, the rule of thumb is to analyze your requirements, list down the features your products should have and shortlist 4 or 5 brands and products to make your decision-making easier. 

For your assistance, we have listed some of the top robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers whose products have always been true to their words. Let’s dive in to learn a bit about them:

1. Viomi

Among the newly started companies that made an impact in the market, Viomi emerges as one worth considering. They are the pioneer of a unique home platform- IoT- basically, an ecosystem for IoT-enabled home products. These smart products, particularly Viomi Alpha 3, come with a suite of value-added businesses and complementary consumable products that make it quite easy for buyers to make a decision. 

2. ECOVACS Robotics

ECOVACS is known for introducing the DEEBOT feature into their robot vacuums, which they launched in 2007. The company owns a huge variety of vacuum cleaners, each of which is equipped with unique features that leave no page unturned to amaze the users- given their affordable pricing. 

3. Electrolux

Electrolux prides itself on being the creator of the world’s first robovac, the Trilobite. They exhibited its prototype in 1996 and made it official by 2001. After a few successful years, the company underwent some issues and disappeared from the market. However, they recently made their comeback with the Purei9, made with Anova- Electrolux, which acquired this smart kitchen brand in 2017.

4. Buy

When it comes to getting an affordable robovac, Eufy emerges as the perfect brand. It offers myriads of options, offering different features and operations at relatively lower prices. The brand was launched in 2016 and has grabbed a significant portion with its smart devices and best self-vacuum cleaners with home security sensors. 


This brand is known for offering two types of robovac variations- A series is designed for cleaning carpeted surfaces, while its V series works best on hard floors. These mid-range products have lesser features than what you would find in high-end products. Therefore, you cannot expect them to give the same results as you were getting from those high-quality ones. 

6. iRobot

iRobot is the brand behind Roomba, the best self-vacuum cleaner- one of the pioneering names in the robotic vacuum market. Since 1990, the company has made a lot of efforts to bring its name to a prestigious place. Their first robovac was launched in 2002, after which the company received new motivation to bring changes to their products. 

iRobot pride itself on developing navigation and mapping and human-robot interactive technologies that make cleaning tasks easy and effortless. Moreover, their smart-home products enable users to work independently through strategic partners. The brand is also famous for encouraging new startups and early-stage hardware companies to bring significant changes to existing technologies. In other words, iRobot helps them to grow and prosper. 

7. Panasonic

Panasonic entered the robotic vacuum market with the RULO in 2015. It is one of the best self-vacuum cleaners of the year as it used to work on a triangular design, unlike others. The company has been so focused and dedicated to bringing changes into the market that they now own over 580 consolidated companies having multiple business segments- life solutions, industrial solutions, home appliances, automotive, life and connected solutions. 


Viomi offers an attractive platform for consumers to interact with a huge portfolio of IoT products in a human-like manner for an efficient, enjoyable and convenient user experience. It doesn’t only allow the household to help in growing the user base but also capture additional scenario-based consumption events.