Who Was Dave Courtney ? Who Was He Married to?

David John Courtney was a prominent figure in London’s underworld. He was regarded as controversial and fascinating. He was born in Bermondsey on February 17, 1960. He has worn many hats over the years, including a gangster, author, and minor celebrity. This article explores the life of Dave Courtney and his controversies. It also includes personal anecdotes.

Early Life in Bermondsey

Dave Courtney, a Londoner from Bermondsey is both fascinating and mysterious. Bermondsey was a town with a rich history in London, and a tapestry culture. It used to be a center of working class. Many would say that Courtney was a product of this borough’s resilience. It is possible that the environment played a crucial role in shaping Dave’s view of the world, and where he fit into it. His early experiences, as well as his later decisions, were likely influenced by the maze-like streets and traditional pubs.

The Plumstead Residence: Camelot Castle

Dave Courtney, a South East London resident, chose to live in Plumstead. His house, named ‘Camelot castle’ was not just a home but also a statement. It was adorned with union flags and the cross of St George as well as a self portrait. This screamed patriotic pride and self-confidence. The colossal duster was perhaps the most impressive feature, as it symbolized both defiance and a commitment to his own image. For many, this home was a testament of the complex persona Courtney had cultivated.

Associations with Famous Gangsters

Courtney’s claim of fame or infamy was largely based on his associations with well-known gangsters such as Reggie Kray, Lenny McLean, and others. This relationship was made public by his role in organizing security for Kray’s 1995 funeral. These affiliations were certainly intriguing, but they also caused some controversy. Former members of the Richardson Gang, among others, accused him to fabricate or exaggerate these affiliations. Courtney’s connections to London’s criminal royal family are an important chapter in his story, whether they’re real or exaggerated.

The Publishing Exploits and Cinematic Exploits

Courtney’s transformation from the back alleys to the media limelight is fascinating. Six of his books were published, giving readers a look into the life he led. Courtney’s foray into film and television was marked by the starring role he played in “Hell To Pay.” Courtney also appeared in many television documentaries where he shared stories of his turbulent past, bullet injuries, and life or death situations. His forays into cinema and publishing further cemented his status as an influential cultural figure by blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

Marriage and Controversy

Although Dave Courtney kept his private life under wraps he married Jennifer Lucrea Pinto, which was made public. Pinto worked at Courtney’s club when their romance began. The relationship was turbulent in 2004, which led to serious accusations against Courtney. He was cleared. This incident adds another layer to Courtney’s multifaceted life.

Prison Stints and Legal Wrangles

Courtney’s brush with the law is well documented, not only by media, but also by the man. Jim Dawkins, an ex-prisoner guard, confirms Courtney’s claims that he spent time in Belmarsh Prison during his high-security period. Courtney’s legal battles didn’t stop there. He narrowly avoided incarceration in 2009 after being charged with two firearms charges.

Dave Courtney is a fascinating figure from recent London history, despite his complexity. His stories, whether true or false, blur the line between truth and fiction, but there is no doubting his impact on media narratives, popular culture and crime lore. Dave Courtney’s death on October 22,2023 marks the end an era. But the legend will continue for generations.


  1. What was the name of Dave Courtney’s spouse?
    • Dave Courtney married Jennifer Lucrea Pinto whom he had met in his nightclub.
  2. When did Dave Courtney get married?
    • Courtney and Jennifer Pinto began dating in the early 2000s. The exact date is not known.
  3. Jennifer Pinto and Courtney Pinto had children together?
    • No public confirmation has been made regarding the existence of children between Courtney Pinto.
  4. What happened between Dave Courtney’s wife and himself in 2004?
    • Courtney was accused of assaulting Pinto in 2004, but she was later cleared of all charges.
  5. Dave Courtney, did you remarry Jennifer Pinto after Jennifer Pinto’s death?
    • Courtney’s relationships with other men after Pinto remain private and there is no evidence of a second marriage.