Why business development is impossible without proper adaptation of employees

The company is a living mechanism that is constantly in motion. All employees constantly interact with each other, and many processes take place in parallel, so the company is constantly developing. In an ideal company, all employees work together for a common goal – business development. Therefore, each person is involved in business processes and affects the speed of the company’s development. In this regard, the question arises: if a company is a constantly evolving mechanism, then what to do when a new employee enters the team? How to organically incorporate it into the work of the company, without stopping or slowing down the overall movement? For this, there is an adaptation of employees, which we will discuss in this article.

Adaptation is one of the main HR processes of the company. It has several main functions:

A positive experience at a new job

During adaptation, you can increase the internal motivation of an employee to work in your company and produce a valuable product. You involve him in the work, and he begins to associate success in the workplace with his personal goals. Such an employee will become loyal to the company, and will independently make efforts to do the job better. Remember that a new employee needs time to get comfortable, so you should not completely load him with work from the first days. Some executives offer new hires more breaks during their first week of work than others. Some at this time may walk in the park, play sports, or enjoy slots online Canada.

Reducing the number of layoffs

According to statistics, 80% of layoffs occur in the first weeks of work. A person enters a new environment himself, so he experiences stress and anxiety – new tasks and requirements, new people, a new office. To make this adaptation process softer, you need to transfer knowledge about the new environment to him: introduce him to the team, talk about the rules of interaction with him, convey the requirements for work and transfer the technologies for performing the first tasks.

Single team focus

To give employees a single vector of movement, tell them about the company’s mission, its goals, and values. If employees share a similar vision, they will put efforts in the right direction.

First results at the new workplace

With the help of the adaptation program, you can transfer the technology of work to the employee so that he immediately begins to apply it in practice. Instead of endless learning, in a few days, he will be performing simple work tasks and benefiting the business. As time goes by, the tasks become more difficult. Such a forge of personnel takes place autonomously, without taking precious time from managers.

The result of a successful adaptation is an employee who feels confident and comfortable in a new team. And a company that receives a valuable product from an employee in a short time.