Why Business Register a .us Domain Over .com Domain Name


Why Business Register a .us Domain Over .com Domain Name


A Domain extension forms an essential part of your website creation. It is incorporated in your the Domain Name of your business website. At present, there are different types of Domain extensions available such as .com, .info, .us,. de, .fr, etc. Every Domain extension falls under one of the categories of Domain Names. 

You can decide on any Domain Name. However, you can only assign the Domain Name to your website if it is available online. Numerous business owners wish to employ a .com Domain extension. However, it is not always available. Also, you must not just go with the .com Domain Name because everybody is doing so. 

Instead of a .com Domain Name, opting for the Domain extension according to the geographical location is one of the smartest moves you can make. In this guide, we have given highlights on the .us Domain. It refers to the country code top-level Domain (ccTLD) specified for the United States. 

The ccTLDs help you acquire the preference locally over the Internet. Similarly, there are many Domain Name extensions corresponding to specific locations. Dive into the segments below and know the significance and other insights relevant to Register a .us Domain Name.

What is .us Domain Name?

As mentioned in the beginning, the .us Domain is the country code top-level Domain extension for the United States. Introduced in 1985, the .us the widely used ccTLD. 

The .us Domain is best for the people wanting to run their online business in United States or wish to target the US audience. Some of the excellent benefits you get with .us Domain Name registration are –

  • It enables your website get listed under top search results. Your website also attains better rank among your competitors.  
  • With the .us Domain, your website can easily acquire local users attention and obtain high traffic volume. It enhances the local users’ confidence and make them click your website without giving a secong thought. 
  • It helps raising the symbol of patriotism. So, people admiring and supporting the United States prefer to visit your website. 
  • When you choose .us Domain extension for your website, your online business gets under the US dictionary. This further enables you to boost, nurture, and market your web business in an incredible way. 

Rules to Follow Before You Register a .us Domain Name

Here are the three conditions for the .us Domain Name Registration. Qualifying any one of them can enable you to utilize the .us Domain- 

  1. You must be a permanent resident of the United States of America. Or, you must be a permanent resident of the US territory or ownership with your primary place of residence in the US or in any of its territories.
  2. Your organization must be situated within any of the 50 states, including the Columbia district, or in any territories which should be organized under the Law of the United States or its possessions.
  3. Your entity must be a federal, local, or state government of the United States or a political division that holds a bona fide presence in the country. 

Register a .us Domain Name

After you assurance that you qualify for all the above conditions, you can buy a .us Domain extension for your website. Moreover, in any case, if you attempt to fake your identity, you will have to endure the severe legal outcomes. 

The monitoring and administration of the .us Domain come under an authority that assesses your background and checks everything. Another essential factor that you must follow is you can not employ the proxy sites for the .us Domain Name Registration. 

Tips For Buy a .us Domain Name Registration

This sections conveys some of the key tips you can employ for your web business benefit while Buy a .us Domain Name registration –

  • You must ensure to utilize the Domain Name which is keyword rich with a .us Domain extension in order to aim for the best SEO rank.
  • While acquiring a .us Domain extension for your website, always try to choose an easy, relevant, and memorable Domain Name. This lets more and more users easily remember your website’s Domain Name and market it via word of mouth. 
  • You must create informational, catchy, and powerful content for your website. 
  • You must not buy a .us Domain for spammy websites. Make sure to build a genuine website, otherwise, you will need to bear the harsh consequences. 
  • The .us Domain possesses the power to draw a considerable amount of patriotic users. Thus, you can ensure to make usage of this power to intensify the traffic volume of your website.  

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The .us Domain extension enables your website to get better customer reach, higher credibility, and significant value. Once you ensure to follow all the necessary rules for .us Domain registration, you can easily acquire the .us extension for your website. 

Further, this also lets your website attain the best possible SEO ranking and attract a high number of potential customers. 

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