Why Deandre Ayton falls short of expectations in the 2023/2024 season?

With the arrival of Deandre Ayton at the Portland Trail Blazers before the start of the 2023/2024 season, many fans and analysts anticipated the center would bring new heights to the team, strengthen it, and elevate it to a new level. However, despite the talent and potential Ayton brings, his on-court performances have yet to live up to the expectations placed upon him. Let’s delve into the early stages of his journey with the Blazers and explore why the results don’t align with the initial anticipation.

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Deandre Ayton’s lackluster performance in the new season

Taking Nurkic’s place in the Phoenix Suns, Ayton’s contribution to the new team has not met expectations. Currently averaging 13.1 points per game (compared to 18.0 in the previous season), Ayton has a shooting efficiency of 54.8 percent for two-pointers, marking the lowest point in his career. This aligns with a decline in his career free-throw percentage. Perhaps no other player in the league feels less satisfied with ball possession. While demonstrating exceptional mid-range shooting skills, Ayton may feel undue pressure when attempting such shots, even when guarded by smaller defenders.

Transition to the Blazers – a step backward for Ayton

This season marks Ayton’s first after leaving the Suns and unfortunately represents a significant regression in his career. His efficiency has nearly halved, with a field goal percentage of 67%, a substantial drop from 79% in the previous season. After Ayton’s victory over his former team, one of the few standout moments in this season, Devin Booker provided a backhanded compliment, emphasizing the energy of his former teammate. “Tonight, he played really tough,” Booker said. “I saw that, and my task for him is to play like that every night.” However, his efforts still lack consistency, as evident in numerous examples.

Ayton’s current teammates in the Blazers lack the experience of his former Phoenix teammates. They don’t consistently create space on the court, sometimes missing opportunities when he dives for the ball or failing to notice when he signals for a pass. Even knowing that receiving the ball in tight defense is risky for the team, as it could result in a turnover, or Ayton might struggle to successfully complete the attack.

Remaining hopeful for a bright future

Ayton’s offensive responsibilities haven’t expanded as expected to showcase various aspects of his seemingly limited skill set. Even six years into a career that has already earned him a maximum contract, he has not become the productive franchise leader anticipated when drafted in 2018.

Despite some bright moments, his performance falls short of expectations, and his role in the offense remains limited. Deeper collaboration with teammates and variety in game situations are necessary for Ayton to take the next step in his development and validate his status as a key player in the NBA. At present, we can only acknowledge that this season is a disappointment for Deandre.