Why Did Francis Get Fired From Barstool  About Mackenzie Lueck:

Learn What Made Francis Leave Barstool? Learn more about the circumstances in which the blog was published.

Did you know that Francis Ellis, a famous broadcaster, was fired from Barstool in 1994? Why was he fired? What was the Barstool leadership and team’s explanation for this action? What was Francis Ellis’s reaction? Why is Francis Ellis’s dismissal trending on the United States news?

Let’s look at the Why Was Francis Fired from Barstool.

Reason Francis was dismissed:

He wrote a blog on Friday, 15-July-2022 about Mackenzie Lueck. Initial reports indicated that Lueck was using sugar daddy dating sites. Francis read the New York Post in the morning, and he focused only on information about dating services. Francis ignored the fact that the situation was selective and used jocks to write his blog.

Keith Markovitch is the editor in chief at Barstool. He tweeted that Francis’s writings would be reviewed by the editor before they are published. Francis responded to Markovitch’s tweet with a meme.

Francis’s blog was removed immediately, but viewers of the Barstool blog asked Dave Portnoy to comment. Why Was Francis Fired from Barstool was because Barstool founder Dave Portnoy had fired Francis for his irresponsible blog.

What’s the deal with Francis’s blog post?

Francis missed the possibility that Lueck had died because the news reports said the police didn’t suspect foul play. The blog was posted Friday morning by Mike Brown, Salt Lake City Police Chief. He announced that they had found the charred remains Lueck in the backyard at Ayoola Ajayi’s Salt Lake City home. Continue reading if you are interested in more information about Francis.

How did Francis get fired from the barstool?

Francis realized his error and Twitted an apology. He was fired. Francis stated that Lueck’s death was due to Francis’ tone and timing.

About Mackenzie Lueck:

Lueck was a student at the University of Utah. Her disappearance lasted more than a week. Her family had reported her missing to the police but they were unable to locate her. Lueck’s friends believed she was alive after they discovered activities on her Instagram.

About Francis Ellis

Francis is a comedian, actor, and writer. You may now understand Why Did Francis Get Fired from Barstool. He hosts the podcast Oops the Podcast. He was also a writer at Barstool Sports. He hosts a radio program. The Bad Guy is his stand-up comedy special that can be found on Barstool Gold. Francis has performed in the USA as well as several other countries. We are not trying to support or blame anyone. We are simply presenting the information.


Francis admitted that he didn’t analyze the situation and apologized for his blog. Francis professional acknowledged that Barstool had given him leverage as a responsible author. Francis acknowledged his error and felt he should’ve read more about Lueck.

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