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Jason Day has resigned from the PGA Tour. Jason Day was removed from the championship. The confirmation was made via social media. The world champion in 2008 won his last title.

The news is not well received by fans in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Let’s find out all about Why did Jason Day withdraw and the reasons he decided to quit the tournament.

What’s the news?

Jason Day, a former world champion, has been reported to have been dropped from the championship. After scoring only 18 holes at Sedgefeild Country Club in North Carolina, Jason Day was withdrawn from the championship. The communication team at PGA Tour shared the news on social media.

Jason was unable to withdraw early from the tournament, despite a strong start. The Wyndham Championship was cancelled for Jason, who is 34 years old. Jason won the championship in 2018 when he was just 34 years old.

Why Did Jason Day Withdraw Today

Jason Day’s struggles on and off the course can be seen. He was withdrawn from Wyndham Championship because of this. According to the Official World Golf Ranking, their current ranking is 140th.

Jason Day also had back problems that made it difficult for him to play in the tournament. Jason missed five cuts out of 18 events and finished day one with T-23. Jason Day’s best figure was T-3 at Farmers Insurance Open 2018 and all of this led to Why Did Jason Day Withdraw?

People Objectives for Jason Withdraw

Jason Day has been suffering from injuries recently and his poor form continues. In March, the Australian player announced the passing of his mother. Jason is ranked 115th on the FedEx Cup Standings.

Fans and Jason Withdraw were heartbroken by the news that was shared on social media. People around the world, including Australia, were upset by the news. They didn’t expect this terrible run from Jason Day.

People searched the web for Why Did Jason Day Withdraw, and the social media was blown up by comments. Fans also hope that Jason’s struggle with alcoholism will end soon so he can get back to his former self.


We have wrapped up the article by telling our readers about Jason Day Withdrawn from the Wyndham championship as well as his struggles. We also shared with our readers the story of Jason’s back injury, which has affected his performance in this tournament. To learn more about Jason Withdrawal news, and the PGA Tour communication team, visit this link .

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