Why Games Are a Good Way to Increase Employee Satisfaction

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The gaming method has long gone beyond computer entertainment. In a world where many people are not passionate about their work, gamification performs many valuable functions. Entertainment increases employee motivation and helps them develop and gain new knowledge. Leading companies can already boast of the effects of gamification by making their employees look motivated, energized, and happy. At the same time, other organizations do not even suspect that games can be helpful in the workplace.

The main reason why gamification is popular is that people love to play at any age. At work, games are more than just entertainment. They increase the morale of the team and involvement in the work process, as well as encourage them to perform their duties even more diligently. We have prepared recommendations to help add some fun to the office and make the team more friendly. The article proposes innovative and approved by leading psychologists methods.

TOP 5 Games That Are Suitable for Entertainment at Work

Games are indispensable in the workplace – they increase the productivity and satisfaction of employees. In addition, gamification performs many other useful functions:

  1. Relieves stress – often, work is exhausting and causes positive and negative emotions. Spend time at the fastest payout online casino Canada to relax and get a boost of energy and fun.
  2. Increases productivity – short breaks between work trigger cognitive processes and allow you to work with even greater returns.
  3. Initiates the rallying of employees – relationships within the team not only lead to friendship but also help to solve production problems productively. Shared entertainment allows for non-work-related activities that reinforce the sense of community and help the team bond.

Here are some ideas that will help organize games at work and make office life even more fun.

Idea 1: Healthy Lifestyle Competition

Safety and well-being are key factors that affect employee productivity and satisfaction. Many office workers accept a 10% pay cut for a job at a company that cares about their physical and mental health. Invite employees to set goals related to their health – losing weight, improving overall fitness, going to the pool, and sponsoring this. Such a playful approach will enhance the mood and general condition of employees. So, they will work with even greater returns for the benefit of your business.

Idea 2: Charity Competition

The younger and progressive generation strives to work in companies leading an active environmental and social life. A great game is letting employees talk about their favorite charity or project and present their work in this area. Other team members should discuss the achievements of a colleague and rate him on a ten-point scale. The one who scores the most points wins. The management will be able to reward the employee with a paid vacation, a corporate mastercard gift card, take a photo, and talk about the winner in the “Charity” section on the company’s official website. The combination of moral and material motivation tools will increase productivity and inspire other team members to do charity work.

Idea 3: Pastime in a Computer Game

Every employee has a favorite video game in which he tries to relieve stress after a hard day at work. Please make it so your team members no longer have to wait for the weekend to enjoy the game they want. Set aside one hour a week when you allow staff to play CS: GO, SIMS, or Dota 2. on Playsafecasino is ideal for stress relief because there, you can find many slot machines available both in paid and free game mode. The main thing when using this method is to keep a balance and not allow you to play more than one hour a week. This will help relieve stress and relax at the workplace but will not cause employee gambling and gambling addiction.


Idea 4: Solve the Puzzle Together

The team is a living organism in which various changes can occur. According to a CareerBuilder survey, many tech workers are stressed and experience burnout. So, the company’s morale can decrease due to routine and monotonous work. Bring some color to your workday. Give employees a break, and gather a few teams to solve fun puzzles. It can be a virtual or real game that requires joint efforts from the staff. The puzzle can solve both work and non-work tasks. The first person to solve the puzzle wins. As an incentive, you can use a paid day off, a salary increase, or any other way that your staff likes.

Idea 5: Motivation for Learning and Development

According to the LinkedIn Workplace Learning Trends report, the number one reason employees turn away from training is lack of free time. Indeed, many members of your team do difficult and exhausting work every day that depresses them morally and intellectually. Due to low motivation for learning, the morale and productivity of the staff drop. How can this situation be corrected? Invite employees to participate in new courses that will take place unusually, such as Lunch and Training. Training can take place in video format, and employees can combine eating with the process of gaining new knowledge. Suggest several alternatives. The winner will be the one who attends as many courses as possible. This approach will also motivate other employees to learn, as the example of their active colleagues will inspire them.
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Games in the workflow are not just another psychological trend but a powerful tool. It allows you to manage the staff’s emotional, mental, and physical health, motivating employees to work more efficiently. Games at work lead to the fact that the office is no longer associated with boredom and routine; on the contrary, employees begin to treat work as a pleasant experience. This approach allows you to increase gaming culture, motivate staff, and increase productivity. A positive attitude towards the performance of professional duties positively affects the results of work and allows you to take your business to a new level.

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