Why is a corn snake the best pet?

The journey to finding the perfect pet can be a somewhat confusing one. Researching, seeking out, and knowing how to care for a specific animal can be a difficult process. To help you in your first steps, we would like to propose a reptile that we believe to be an excellent choice for any pet enthusiast: the corn snake. We hope to demonstrate why you may want to make the humble corn snake your next pet, and what to consider when looking for one.  

Perfect Size

Growing from around 2-5 feet and a svelte 1 pound at adulthood, corn snakes make for a relatively compact pet that can comfortably fit in a 10 gallon tank as a hatchling. Due to their size, they can fit in nearly any living situation, including apartments.

In the wild, these snakes don’t typically roam around an extensive territory, instead preferring to stay curled up in a burrow or tree log. Because of this, your corn snake won’t exactly have any desire to run around. However, you can certainly allow for your snake to roam around your home as it’s safely supervised.     

Great Temperament

Many inexperienced reptile owners assume that snakes are fast moving, unreadable animals that can bite at any moment. The truth is that these animals are conflict-averse, preferring to not expend their energy on a fight. Because of this, corn snakes make for docile pets that can become tolerant of handling. While your snake may seem anxious as a new hatchling, they will soon grow out of their fear and become more confident with proper socialization. As long as you pay attention to what your pet is trying to tell you, know how to properly handle it, and respect its boundaries, it will soon trust you enough to handle it on a regular basis.

Somewhat Easy to Care For

One of the most appealing aspects of snake ownership for many people is their somewhat relaxed care needs compared to many other pets. As far as regular care is concerned, your corn snake will only need its vivarium to be maintained, vet visits, and to be fed around three times a month as an adult. Your pet won’t need regular grooming, training, or excessive attention. This isn’t a pet that will really interfere with your daily life or prevent you from planning complex activities. While corn snakes for sale will certainly have specific needs that need to be tended to, you can be confident in knowing that it will be an unobtrusive pet.

Final Thoughts

Exotic pets have a reputation for being somewhat difficult to care for with highly specific husbandry needs. While corn snakes aren’t a totally “hands off” animal, their needs should still be understood and accommodated for.

Now, there is no such thing as a pet that’s absolutely perfect for everyone. However, when seeking out a corn snake for sale from a reputable breeder, you can be confident in knowing that you will receive a long lived, enjoyable pet that many people around the world have successfully raised.