The guide provides information about Shanghai to let readers know why Shanghai Locked. Lockdown.

Are you aware that 25 million people living in Shanghai remain under lockdown? Countries such as those of the United States and Canada are slowly getting over the pandemic. However, China’s capital city, Shanghai, is still fighting the most severe epidemic. Shanghai residents Shanghai are tired due to the lockdown that has lasted for a week.

Last Friday, authorities eased the lockdown restrictions in areas with low risk, allowing 12 million people to leave. But, Why Is Shanghai on Lockdown?

Why is Shanghai Still on Lockdown?

Shanghai authorities have announced an absolute lockdown on the entire city since starting of the month of April in 2022. This will restrict millions of residents from their residences. Shanghai is the financial capital has a Zero-COVID policy and millions of citizens are subjected to various levels of lockdown despite an increase in COVID-19 cases.

Following the increase in the city, officials have enforced a strict lockdown. New measures were put in place throughout the city, such as evacuated people to wash their homes and buildings, as well as installing electronic door alarms to ensure that infected residents are prevented from going out of their residences. Shanghai is entering its fifth week of lockdown.

Why Is Shanghai on Lockdown – When It Started?

The beginning of April 2022 was when the city saw a dramatic rise in COVID-19-related cases. As the city is in pursuit of its Zero-COVID Strategy, the authorities have decided to enforce an absolute lockdown on the entire city following the rising number of cases.

The authorities announced a severe lockdown in the first week the month of April in 2022. The city is now in the 5th week of a strict lockdown. Some relaxations have been granted in areas with low risk that allow more than 12 million residents to leave their homes and leave the premises with appropriate security precautions.

It is evident why Shanghai in Lockdown! Due to the growing incidences of COVID-19 occurring in high-risk areas Shanghai is currently under an immediate lockdown until the authorities issue a further warning.

Does Shanghai Loosen Lockdown Norms?

Indeed, Shanghai loosens the strict rules of lockdowns in areas with low risk of COVID is less severe. On Friday, authorities eased the lockdown requirements in the financial district which will provide relief from lockdown for more than 12 million residents living in low-risk zones. They are now able to move out of their homes and move to low-risk areas , where no complaints have been reported within the past two weeks.

After the largest-ever outbreak, Shanghai has put a strict lockdown on the whole city from the beginning of April. You now know the reason why Shanghai in Lockdown! In some areas, restrictions have been relaxed and are mainly in low-risk areas in which no new cases have been reported in the past two weeks.

Following the relaxation of the lockdown regulations more than 12 million people can be free of their houses in zones that have none or zero new instances.


Shanghai is the capital of finance of China It is the site of the most severe epidemic in April. Following an increase in cases of COVID-19 authorities have announced strict security measures in the entire city, and have restricted the population to their home.

It is possible to read the latest News about the lockdown restrictions. It is evident that now is the time to know why Shanghai in Lockdown! On Friday, authorities relaxed the rules in a few high-risk zones.

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