Sport is hugely popular in Africa, particularly football. African sports lovers can make money by putting bets on sporting events in addition to enjoying fantastic enjoyment at sporting events. Betting on sports is a popular and profitable activity for many intelligent Africans, and online sportsbooks like betting sites in Ethiopia make it simple for them.

Even while up to 40% of Africans live in poverty, the continent is also quickly becoming one of the richest places in the world for sports betting.

Sports Betting Is Widely Practiced in Africa

  • A recent study found that 60 million Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 40 actively wager on sports. On average, they wager 3,000 Naira ($7) per day on sports.
  • According to South African official figures, more than 50% of adult residents in the country regularly wager on sports. And in East, West, Central, and Southern Africa, it is the same.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers predicted in a report published in 2014 that by 2018, the betting markets in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria will be valued at $37 billion. Then, in 2021, the African gambling market is predicted to grow from $3,048.05 Mn to $5,637.37 Mn by 2030.

This reality has already been recognized by owners of sports betting operations in the US and Europe, and they are moving fast to enter the African industry. This has contributed to the growing appeal of online sportsbooks, especially those which are domiciled in Malta or authorized to offer safe and secure sports betting by the UK Gambling Commission. 

There are many sports betting proponents in Africa who claim that the industry offers employment chances to many young Africans, allows gamblers to make quick cash for the government, and boosts the economies of various African nations.

Causes of Sports Betting’s Increase in Africa

There are several explanations for why Africans are betting on sports in greater numbers and for higher amounts of money. For very good reasons, offshore providers of sports betting services are indeed being drawn in significant numbers to Africa.

These are a few of those explanations:

High Number of Young People Unemployed

In Africa, there are over 200 million persons between the ages of 15 and 24, most of whom are unemployed. The unemployment rate in some African nations is as high as 25%. By 2050, it is predicted that Africa’s population will have doubled, and the continent’s youth population will be the greatest in the world. These young individuals have the chance to make money while watching their favorite sporting events thanks to the sports betting sector.

Strong Love of Sports

Sports are quite popular in Africa. Cricket also has a sizable following, despite football having the most fans overall. Rugby is very popular in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya as well. Millions of Africans follow European football leagues in general, and the English, Italian, Spanish, and French leagues in particular.

Africans also enjoy betting on a variety of sports, including not only football, but also basketball, boxing, baseball, tennis, motorbike racing, and horse racing. They take a specific interest in betting on game results, top scorers, goal totals, and other related things. This passion for sports in Africa is what makes the continent’s sports betting market one of the richest in the world.

Simple Sports Betting Regulations

Because most African nations have lax gambling laws, European and American sports betting organizations are rapidly moving into Africa. In actuality, only South Africa has effectively regulated its gaming industry. The gaming business is still in its infancy and there are few regulations in place in the majority of African nations.

On the same hand, betting on sports is unquestionably illegal in several African nations with a majority of Muslims since they have outright banned it. The Gambia has outlawed all forms of gambling, including sports betting, gambling establishments, and lotteries.

Increased Interest in Mobile Gambling

In Africa, the use of smartphones is expanding. Africans are becoming more and more enamored with the benefits of mobile sports betting. In order to connect mobile money services like Orange Money, Airtel Money, and M-Pesa with their online gambling products, leading mobile phone carriers and African sports betting service providers have teamed. As an outcome, Africans embrace sports betting on their cellphones and tablets in addition to their desktop computers.

The ability to use online sportsbooks targeted for African markets, like Betway, on mobile devices is exciting for young adults in South Africa. In actuality, Betway, Bet365, and other top-notch online bookies are one of the most widely used online sportsbooks in Africa. Even people who live in far-flung communities, like Musango in East Africa, may place sports bets nearly for free and earn substantial sums of money. They are able to wager as little as 100 shillings, or $1, and win as much as 50,000 shillings, or $525. They can pay their expenses or tuition with the money they win.

Many young African males increasingly bet on sports using their mobile devices and win substantial sums of money at these sportsbooks.

African Online Sports Betting

Several African nations, including Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana, have access to Betway, Bet365, or Betfair, which are at the very top of most reputable online sports bookies. As was already established, different nations have different gambling regulations. Sports betting is a heavily regulated industry in nations like South Africa and Ghana, despite being outlawed in some nations.

If you live in Africa, all you need to do to start betting on your preferred sporting events is register for an account at a sportsbook of your choice and research the local gambling regulations.