Why Jidion Did Get Banned :- The Wimbledon Ban

Why Jidion Was Banned From Using Twitch? A look at the problematic streaming career of the content creator. Please read the rest of our article.

Are you familiar with Jidion and the reasons he is so famous? You should also know that Jidion has been banned from Twitch, a social media platform. Although he is a well-known prankster, there have been some controversy surrounding his statements. His statements that imply racism are rebuked by the Worldwidepeople.

It is one of the reasons Why Jidion Was Banned. Continue reading to learn more about the reasons and how it was implemented.

The Reports

The collaboration program was launched one day later, and YouTuber JiDion Adams was banned from Twitch. Adams is known for his hilarious pranks. Amazon initially suspended access to the streaming service for two weeks, but then made it permanent due to “Extreme harassment.”

He was the one who launched a hate attack against Pokimane, the Twitch star. A legion of his supporters ran over to her stream during the raid. The chat was filled with phrases meant to denigrate the Moroccan-Canadian celebrity, and the stuff she was making. Adams apologised for his actions, and eventually accepted the 14-day suspension.

The Events

Jidion’s videos clearly show that he dislikes Pokimane and has stated this. A January 13 post indicates that he doesn’t like Pokimane as a person, which warrants a hate campaign against her. He advised his followers to input the “L+ ratio” in Poki’s chat, while they watched her Valorant live.

Why was Jidion banned?

Jidion encouraged his audience to follow him when she switched to follower-only mode in order to keep spamming. She abruptly ended the show, saying she could handle it but not wanting her viewers harassed.

The Wimbledon Ban

Jidion was able to attend the match between Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner at Wimbledon 2022. It was not long ago. Jidion wanted Jannik Sinner’s victory. Djokovic pulled off an amazing comeback to win the match.

After Sinner’s successful defense, the audience applauded and then turned their attention towards the YouTuber. Why Was Jidion Banned from Wimbledon – Jidion was seen beating his chest just before an officer arrived to speak to him.

Later, Jidion told his supporters that he was barred from Wimbledon that day.


Jidion has a huge following and continues to be a big success on YouTube. Over 1.6 million people subscribe to his other channels, and his primary channel just passed the five-million-subscriber threshold. The creator’s work can be seen on the red platform, while fans may hope he returns to Twitch in future.

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