Why Kundli Milan works at making Marriages last long

In order to make sure that the two people who intend to exchange nuptial vows in the future are compatible with one another, a process known as ‘kundali milan’ or kundli matching is used. This compatibility is precisely determined by comparing the positions of the planets (Navgrahas) at the time of the bride’s and groom’s respective births, as well as their present and future positions. Similar to how a person’s qualities are influenced by the position of the planets, The planets’ location may be probable or unlikely. Simply said, marriage brings two people together. In order to achieve happiness and harmony between the heavenly bodies, it is crucial to guarantee that they complement one another.

Since ancient times, kundali matching has been a crucial component in Hindu marriages. Every tradition and custom has changed over time. However, the practice of matching kundalis before marriage persisted.

The widespread tradition of arranged marriage led to the importance of kundali matching, And it has played a role in choosing a match between two people. This has always been done with the intention of determining the compatibility of the couple.

Essential elements in Matching Horoscopes

The horoscopes of the prospective bride and prospective groom are matched during horoscope matchmaking. It is known as Ashta Koota Milan to refer to the entire kundli milan system in astrology. ‘Ashta’ denotes the number eight, while ‘Koota’ denotes the eight categories known as Kootas or Koot.

Between the two horoscopes, 36 points in Ashta Koota Milan are taken into account. A minimum of 18 of the 36 points must coincide for the astrology-approved marriage to proceed. The 36 points are split up among the several categories.

Naturally, the 36 out of 36 Guns (Chattis Gun) match is the best match.

When the prospective spouses are strangers to one another, it is vital to examine the ashta-koota compatibility. The compatibility of their natures, attitudes, and tendencies are matched as part of the ritual to see if they make good mates. When two individuals fall in love, they reunite and spend a lot of time getting to know one another.

Due to the aforementioned factors, kundli matching is rarely necessary once a mutual understanding has been reached.


The longevity, likelihood of divorce, likelihood of being betrayed, and likelihood of having children are the only factors to be taken into account when matching the horoscopes of romantic partners.

Why do some people doubt this ancient ritual? 

Nowadays, many couples do not think about matching Kundlis due to the growing influence of western culture and view it as a meaningless ceremony. It is also true, though, that many such couples are perfectly capable of working things out amongst themselves despite the fact that the stars were not in their favour. However, we still cannot overlook the rising divorce rate in India, which is frequently brought on by incompatibility between partners.

Many couples believe that Kundli matching may cause their parents to worry, which could delay their wedding and other important events. That’s not the case, though. No kundli mismatch may prevent a couple from getting married if they truly love one another. However, matching the kundlis and highlighting the doshas may make it possible for remedies to be used to counteract the negative effects that may arise in the future. 

So it is quite helpful to have the horoscope matchmaking ritual by a trusted astrologer not only to understand the compatibility of the couple but also to deal with the problems that may or may not arise after marriage.