Why Mobile Billboard Advertising Is Perfect For Your Business

For a long time, billboards are the first thing that comes to mind when OOH advertising is considered, and while they have their place in the advertising space, they have become quite outdated due to their limits. At the end of the day, they are massive stationary objects, which initially make their presence well known, but with time, tend to lose their glamor as viewers tend to get used to it and start tuning it out. 

Apart from that, they lack any way of providing advertisers with data about how many people saw their ads and responded to it. There is also no way of catering to a specific demographic. If your target market is fashion oriented females between the ages of 20 to 30, there is no assurance that your message will reach them through billboards. 

Unless your business caters to a more expansive audience, billboard advertising limits your reach considerably. They also cost a lot of money for the amount of time and exposure that you get.

Advantages of mobile billboard advertising

  1. Mobile billboard advertising is not limited by such factors. Truck ads are significantly cheaper compared to billboards and TV commercials, saving you a lot of money in advertising costs. They also are more attention catching, as they are not stationary objects, but are instead moving around all the time, which helps in making sure that viewers cannot simply tune it out. 
  1. You also have the opportunity to innovate and create appealing visuals that are capable of captivating your audience. With truck ads, you end up getting 3 blank canvases to do with as you please. You also have the option to use digital screens on truck ads, enabling you to provide more information to your audience or to create visuals that are more eye-catching. Whether it be a well-animated motion graphic or an exciting snippet of your upcoming show, nothing is off the table.
  1. You also tend to have a lot of control over the advertisements itself, since you can target specific routes going through areas that are frequented by a certain demographic as well as neighborhoods and localities of your choosing. You can also choose routes going through high traffic areas, catching the attention of pedestrians as well as drivers and passengers. In fact, you can choose routes that pass by your competition, giving you a significant advantage.
  1. According to studies performed by the Trucking Association, 98% of people notice truck ads and are able to recall them successfully. Since there is no way to skip the ad, it ends up being unmissable, making them more effective forms of advertising compared to traditional billboards.
  1. Some mobile billboard advertising providers can also provide you with additional features like analytics. Analytics and data is one of the most important things for advertisers since they help you gauge how well your ad is doing and how many people are seeing it. This can be done by technology that picks up signals originating from mobile phones, giving you a good idea of the number of people who saw your advertisements.
  1. They also have the advantage of being nature friendly, since these trucks are already on the road, performing deliveries and going wherever they are scheduled to. This makes truck advertisements a great way to advertise since you are not adding any new pollutants to the air.

Final Thoughts

Mobile billboard advertising is one of the best ways for you to promote your business. It is way cheaper than the traditional methods of advertising and are also very cost effective. When thinking about advertisements, make sure that you consider truck advertising as well to reap the benefits that come with them.