Why Saffron is such an expensive herb?


Saffron is one the best and most expensive spice , yes it is one the most expensive spice. 

In India we have seen that there are so many sweets dishes that are made up of saffron and Indian people are very fond of it. Saffron not only provides the best aroma and flavor but also provides you with a very good and luminous yellowish reddish color which makes the dish more attractive. Does drinking saffron milk make baby fair, well the answer to this question is quite dicy and tricky one? You can check with your mother for this answer. 

Saffron is one the most expensive herb as it is not easily grown anywhere it requires specific conditions and specific weather. Iran and Kashmir in India they both are the major production places of saffron in all over the world. It only blooms once in a year so its production rate is quite low in comparison to other spices. 

Saffron is the female reproductive part of the plant crocus sativus; it is the stigma and the style portion of the flower. After it’s production it’s plucking is too hectic and time taken, it took a lot of hours to pluck saffron from flower and it’s plant length is very low so it requires more physical stress while bending and it’s storage is also a task. 

These kinds of things make it more expensive than other spices. The real saffron has a great aroma and smell but it is bitter while the fake saffron has a different smell and while soaking fake saffron in water it becomes completely white. Consuming saffron during pregnancy is always recommended and good. 

Each saffron flower consists of only three strands which are very delicate to pluck so it is quite tough to extract them and for producing a little bit of saffron we need a lot of flowers. Mainly it’s less production, difficult harvesting and time taking plucking makes it a lot more expensive than any other spice. 

Along with such there are so many uses and benefits of saffron. 

It is widely used for dying color and commonly used in preparation of sweet dishes because it has specific aroma and flavors. 

Along with such it acts effectively in so many diseases. 

Such as. 

It is good for skin 

It helps in reducing stress and depression. 

It promotes learning, memory and concentration power. 

These days saffron has been started adding in different cosmetic and beauty products as it works magically and effectively in skin and gives your skin a natural glow and nourishment.  

Saffron also has so many properties as it works as the great anti- oxidant which reduces the cell stress and improve its functions 

Saffron also reduces  the PMS symptoms, such as

Irritation , headaches, pain, and anxiety.

These are some benefits and uses of saffron and why saffron is one of the most expensive spices. 

If you are consuming it make sure that you are having the right amount otherwise it may lead to side effects and always buy real and good saffron as these days Saffron adulteration is quite common because of its high price , difficult harvesting and less production.