Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends  More Information

Recently, a man realized that he doesn’t have any friends to be the best man at his marriage. To learn more, please read Why so many men have no real friends.

Are there people you can rely on in times of need? If so, please tag them in your comment section. But this is not true for everyone. People can be very outgoing and talkative, but may not have many friends.

Many people from the United States and Canada have stated that they don’t have any friends after reading a study. Want to learn more about the study? Continue reading our Why so Many Men have No Real Friends article.

What’s the story?

Why is it that guys have such a small social circle? MAX DICKINS became anxious while planning his wedding. He couldn’t think of a man who would be worthy to be his best man. This realization set off a journey that was both funny and heartfelt in his quest to solve the age-old problem.

More Information

Max Dickins is an excellent guy to have a good time with. He is friendly and talkative, and has great manners. Why So Many Men Have Not Real Friends is what he lacks, or at the very least, what he didn’t have until recently: any real friends.

The backstory

Dickins, 34, says that he didn’t know he was lonely. He also said that he had not found a close friend with whom he could hang out. He only had his colleagues at work on his contact list. He looked through his contacts and found a horrible sensation on Why so Many Men have No Real Friends – he was close to many of his work colleagues and acquaintances but not with any male friends.

He stated, “Like many other guys, i no longer has close male friends.” I was left wondering how this happened.

The Study

According to Harvard University’s study, a staggering 61% of young Americans and 36% overall reported feeling “severely lonely.” A Cigna Healthcare poll found that almost 54% of Americans agree that “nobody know me well.” This is a problem Why Do so Many Men Have No Real Friends which gets worse as we become more dependent on our devices and sit alone.


A May 2021 survey revealed that almost one-in-six American men reported having “no close friends” since 1990.

Most of the causes that have led to our culture’s isolation are not related to the pandemic. Which do you think? Do you think the study shows the true situation of men? Why so many men have no real friends.