Thumbnails are the first thing to attract viewers – How to make them?

Thumbnails are very important for you. They are the deciding element that a potential viewer would watch your video clip or move on to the next one. If you want to know about thumbnails, we would suggest you read this post; we will tell you what you need to know about thumbnails. 

What are thumbnails?

First of all, know that thumbnails are video images. These images are a preview of the content in the original video. Thumbnails are just like book covers; you have to show the viewers what they are looking for. Thumbnails are quite famous these days, and they have become an important part of videos being published online. The term thumbnail has originated from static images. You can also call it a smaller version of images that can be viewed while going through a huge number of images. 

Today, if you scroll through YouTube or Facebook, every video has its unique thumbnail. There are many reasons why thumbnails have gotten so much more important and become an important part of videos. Some of the crucial reasons are discussed in the section below.

Why are thumbnails so important?

 If you are wondering why thumbnails are so much important, then we would suggest you read the top reasons we have discussed below:

Thumbnails build interest in the minds of the audience

The most crucial reason behind the importance of thumbnails is that they make the audience curious. Thumbnails would give a teaser to the viewer about the contents of the video. In simple words, thumbnails are used to grab users’ attention coming on YouTube and other video surfing platforms. The best thumbnail is surely the one that can make the viewers curious enough to open the videos.

Thumbnails are in trend these days 

Getting thumbnails is very important because they have become the new trend. Only 1% of the total views coming on YouTube and other platforms would open videos with no thumbnails. So you have to create thumbnails for your videos if you want the audience to connect with you. 

Thumbnails can get you more clicks and views

The core purpose of having thumbnails is that they can get you more clicks and views on your videos. If you create interesting and unique thumbnails, you can see 100% increases in traffic on your video clips. 

Thumbnails can convey the subject of your video

Today people are more interested in visual content rather than text, and this is because visual content is more understandable. This is why thumbnails can convey the subject of the video better than the title of the video.

Some tips to consider while making thumbnails!

Here we have collected some tips which would help you make a unique thumbnail:

  • First of all, you have to make sure that the thumbnail you create is relevant to the contents of the original video. You should know that if the thumbnail is not relevant to the video content, it will increase the bounce rate on the video and your channel.
  • You have to use the right colours in the thumbnail. Every colour has its personality, so you need to pick the colour theme that aligns with your channel’s nature or the contents of the specific video.
  • If you want people to notice your thumbnails, you also have to add bold and clear text. Thumbnail isn’t just an image; rather, it combines both text and visual elements. So choose typography wisely while setting a thumbnail.
  • Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that your thumbnail will be viewed on different devices, so you need to create it in the perfect shape, size, and dimensions. You need to follow YouTube’s guidelines about thumbnails while creating your own.
  • Using faces of people would get you more clicks, so try and include facial images if possible!

How to create thumbnails for free?

You had to hire a professional designer to create thumbnails which were quite expensive. But today, you don’t have to worry about the cost of designing, as you can create a thumbnail all by yourself. You don’t need any designing skills or experience when you access free channel art maker apps. 

You can find dozens of online thumbnail maker applications on the web who can help you create interesting and unique thumbnails related to your video. You can find hundreds of unique predesigned templates on channel art maker apps that you can select and customize as per your choice and the nature of your channel. You can create different thumbnails for different videos or set a static theme for all videos you want to publish through your channel. Online thumbnail makers are very easy to use and can help you create the best previews within three to four clicks. We would suggest you try youtube thumbnail maker apps as they are available for free for mobile devices.