Why You Need A Collapsible Hiking Cart

If you are a dendrophile, or simply someone who appreciates the outdoors, a collapsible hiking cart may be in your future.

What Is A Collapsible Hiking Cart?

A collapsible hiking cart is exactly what it sounds like—a hiking cart you can collapse and take with you anywhere. So many avid hikers, backpackers, and hunters use hiking carts to carry their equipment. While it’s the norm to use a backpack or carry items by hand, a hiking cart makes everything so much easier. 

Having a cart during your outdoor excursions is the ultimate convenience.

Are The Carts Heavy?

The majority of concern surrounding hiking carts is the added weight. However, while these carts are sturdy, many on the market are not heavy. For example, most carts themselves are anywhere between 10 and 20 pounds. In addition, the brunt of the cart weight should be balanced by the wheels and adjustable handles. Thus, pushing and pulling the weight should not cause severe stress on your arms.

How Much Weight Can A Cart Carry?

In a hiking cart, the amount of gear that can be carried really depends on the brand and model. A cart can support a good amount of weight because weight is normally distributed on the wheels and handles. However, the trail conditions, your strength, the weight’s position, and the load’s security will all affect the cart’s ability to withstand heavy gear.

Since many people use hiking carts for hunting purposes, most carts should be able to support hauling gear amounting to at least 150 pounds—which is the average weight of a deer. If you want to support the weight of a large animal, make sure to distribute the weight evenly.

Although carts can hold a decent amount of weight, it’s recommended that you don’t overload your hiking cart with a large capacity of items. How much weight you can personally push or carry needs to be considered; you definitely don’t want to injure yourself while out in nature unintentionally. 

Furthermore, always take into account the trail and rough terrain conditions. Even though these carts are made for such situations, you still don’t want to force a cart into overly difficult obstacles. This can cause wear and tear on your cart. It can also cause your tire wheels to pop.

Where Can I Use The Cart?

You can use a hiking cart anywhere—it doesn’t have to only be on designated hiking trails. As mentioned before, people use carts for hunting and other recreational activities of that nature.

Also, hiking carts are not limited to weather conditions. You can use them in the rain, sunshine, or even snow if you’d like. Hiking carts are well-equipped to handle snowy conditions with their snow-proof wheels.

Why Do I Need A Hiking Cart?

Hiking carts are essential because it allows you to enjoy the experience of being outdoors more. In a hiking cart, you can carry so much more supplies. While a backpack is great, you are limited by size. With a cart, you don’t have to worry about consolidating your items or bearing so much weight on your shoulders, hips, and knees. 

Carrying a backpack can be so exhausting during a hiking trip. Having a cart to carry your backpack—and whatever else you need—alleviates stress. Also, since the cart collapses, it allows easy transportation and storage.

Furthermore, hiking carts are convenient and can also be seen as a form of working out. If you enjoy the intensity of hikes, this is a great option for you. By pushing and pulling a heavy cart through trails and over hills, you are bound to break out into a good sweat.

Are There Any Limitations to Hiking Carts?

There aren’t any particular limitations to hiking carts; however, you should always be cautious when using one. For example, it’s usually best to face carts if possible. This way, you have more control over the direction the cart is going in, as well as navigating over any obstacles.

Also, having the cart in front allows you to see the contents of your cart directly. There is nothing worse than pulling a cart behind you just to realize everything inside the cart has fallen off somewhere later. 

Despite this, it’s not wrong to pull carts. However, in every situation, please use your best judgment to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Where Can I Purchase A Hiking Cart?

There are several different cart manufacturers out there; you can find them in stores across the country. However, thanks to the ease of the digital world, you can order your hiking cart right to your front door.

Online, you can find a variety of hiking carts to fit your lifestyle. You’ll see that there are many different types of hiking carts, as well as diverse materials used to make them. Some have multiple big wheels, some only one wheel. The important thing is to find the right cart for your needs.