Windows 11 officially available from Microsoft

Windows 10 is dead, long live Windows 11! Pre-releases and other beta versions have followed one after the announcement in June of the arrival of the new OS by Microsoft, but the wait is over since the update will be deployed on October 5.

Windows 10 is not actually shelved and the company will follow it up until 2025 with security updates in particular. Many PCs are also likely to be confined to this version if they do not meet the appropriate hardware conditions.

For compatible computers and purchases of new machines, Windows 11 certainly brings a welcome breath of fresh air with a redesigned and modernized interface.

Many elements have been redesigned, from the start menu to the file explorer through the now rounded windows. Overall, a lot of things have also been simplified so that the interface is clean.

But the changes are not only aesthetic and Microsoft has brought some more or less important features. Window management is for example more extensive with the possibility of arranging 2, 3 or even 4 at the same time on the screen. There is also now a customizable widgets menu, as well as a battery management tool or new virtual keyboards for tablets.

As a reminder, the switch to Windows 11 is free for all Windows 10 users, but those who would like to get the OS apart, for one reason or another, will of course have to purchase a license.