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Words with Meanings

  • Delivery is the act of delivering messages or containers.

You can also call it the act of giving birth.

  • It is delicate or fragile, and can easily be broken. Beautiful in design or pattern; of high quality workmanship or disposition.
  • A delegate is an individual who has been sent to represent others. This includes an elected diplomat to a particular committee.

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  • Deletion – The reduction or destruction of written or issued material, primarily by drawing lines through it.
  • Delicacy – the elegance or sophistication of a fabric or configuration.
  • Delusion is a belief or assumption that has been held despite being proven wrong. It can be used to indicate a mental illness.
  • Delirium is an acutely disturbed state in intellect that manifests as uneasiness and misconceptions. It can also occur in fever and other conditions.
  • Delusive- Providing an inaccurate or deceitful idea
  • Delusory- delusive
  • Delegacy is a group of representatives, a conference or a commission.

Words that Start with Del

  • Delayers – To reduce the organizational hierarchy in a large organization by reducing the number of layers.
  • To delay making something or someone slow, or late.
  • After cold-drawing a metal object through a die that contained lead as a grease, it can be deleaded to remove lead from its clasping.
  • Delaines are a versatile dress material made of thread, wool, and cotton in patterns or strong colours.
  • Delating – To inform against or denounce someone.
  • Delation – The sale of a commodity, particularly a sound recording from the list of commodities that are available for investment.

Five Letter Words that Start with Del

  • The ancient Roman prosecutor and informer, the Delators.
  • Information removal
  • Delisted – To be removed from a category listing.
  • To please someone, delights
  • Delimits – To determine the boundaries or limits to something or someone.
  • Deloused: Treat an animal or person to eliminate parasites and insects.
  • A delouser is a device or substance used to get rid of lice on someone or something.
  • Delustering – The chemical removal of the lustre from a textile.
  • Delusion – To make someone believe something is false.

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